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LookSmart New Zealand
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NOW On / Entertainment / Discs
Smashing Pumpkins go soft and mushy. By TIM PERLICH. SMASHING PUMPKINS Adore (Virgin) Rating: NN. Apart from the quieter, whine-free approach taken with Adore (out Tuesday), the most notable...
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Chat Board Archives: July, 1999
Chat Board Archives: July, 1999. This page contains all the messages put onto the BSN Stereo Chat Board during July, 1999. They are in chronological order from first to last. To search for...
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Archives of Silence, 1995:Q4: Re: More on 4'33"
Archives of Silence, 1995:Q4 Re: More on 4'33" From: Peter Castine (pcastine@prz.tu-berlin.de) Date: Mon Oct 30 1995 - 01:58:17 PST. Next message: Peter Castine: "Re: 4'33"" Previous message: ...
www.newalbion.com/artists/cagej/silence/...995q4/0105.html • 5K bytes • in English

2.50 A M MONTHLY SAMPLER: April 1996 Various Artists PROMO. Includes Billy Mann, Oingo Boingo (Little Girls/Only A Lad, both from the Farewell Live album), Eric Clapton (To Make Somebody...
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New Releases
Classical. New Releases. Artist / Album / Release Date. Claudio Abbado : Comducts Verdi-Ovt/Pre, May 11 Abbey Munsterschwarzach Choral : Gregorian Chant-Pentecost/Euch, May 18 A. Abril :...
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Winnipeg Alive!
Login| Join. Monday, July 1, 2002 Main | Babe | Hunk | Winnipeg Alive! Main Poker Challenge Drink Database Free Email Search Top: Arts: Music: Styles: Classical: Conductors: Furtwangler,...
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Railroad DVD's
Railroad DVD's
worldrailfans.org/Forum/2001/Dec/2773349.shtml • 20K bytes • in English

Archives of Silence, 1995:Q4: Cage in Berlin (Installment 6)
Archives of Silence, 1995:Q4 Cage in Berlin (Installment 6) From: Peter Castine (pcastine@prz.tu-berlin.de) Date: Fri Nov 24 1995 - 10:32:16 PST. Next message: AERIALEDGE@aol.com: "Re: MUSICAGE...
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Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) Re: Mahler in England Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Classical Music, Ludwig van ...
classicals.com/music/GustavMahler(1860-1...ll/cas/108.html • 7K bytes • in English

AddALL.com - browse and compare book price at 40+ Sites!
Don't forget to bookmark this web site !! Used Books | Contact us | Home. Browse and Compare Price at 40+ Sites and 20,000+ Stores!! Books. Used Books. Music. Movie. Help. | Home | FAQ/About us...
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www.collegedegrees.org. Top: Arts: Music: Styles: Classical: Conductors (92) Abbado, Claudio (2) Barbirolli, Sir John (1) Barenboim, Daniel (3) Bülow, Hans von@ (7) Boulanger, Nadia Juliette@ ...
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BBC - Films - Article - A Director's Diary - 7th January 2002
The "Revengers Tragedy" producers reveal their festival plans to a wary director.
www.bbc.co.uk/films/2002/01/08/alex_cox_38_article.shtml • 15K bytes • in English

Archives of Silence, 1995:Q4: Cage in Berlin (Last Installment)
Archives of Silence, 1995:Q4 Cage in Berlin (Last Installment) From: Peter Castine (pcastine@prz.tu-berlin.de) Date: Sun Nov 26 1995 - 08:46:35 PST. Next message: Myron Bennett: "Re: Paying...
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Archives of Silence, 1995:Q4: Re: Prepared piano
Archives of Silence, 1995:Q4 Re: Prepared piano. From: Peter Castine (pcastine@prz.tu-berlin.de) Date: Fri Oct 27 1995 - 01:50:45 PDT. Next message: Josh Ronsen: "Re: Prepared piano" Previous...
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Archives of Silence, 1995:Q4: Cage in Berlin (Another Installment)
Archives of Silence, 1995:Q4 Cage in Berlin (Another Installment) From: Peter Castine (pcastine@prz.tu-berlin.de) Date: Sat Nov 25 1995 - 05:52:44 PST. Next message: Mark Kolmar: "Re: Here comes...
www.newalbion.com/artists/cagej/silence/...995q4/0371.html • 7K bytes • in English

"From Interposition to Nullification: Peripheries and Center in the Thought of James Madison." Kevin Raeder Gutzman
Volume Thirty-Six. 1994. Essays in History. Published by the Corcoran Department of History at the University of Virginia. Notes to "From Interposition to Nullification: Peripheries and Center...
etext.lib.virginia.edu/journals/EH/EH36/gutzman2.html • 25K bytes • in English

NOW On / Entertainment / Discs
Bap Kennedy's Nashville transformation. By TIM PERLICH. *BAP KENNEDY Domestic Bliss (E-Squared) Rating: NNNN. It's anybody's guess why Bap Kennedy wasted so many years diddling around with...
www.nowtoronto.com/issues/17/41/Ent/discnow.html • 17K bytes • in English

Records for Booth, John Wilkes, 1838-1865. (in MARION)
Booth, John Wilkes, 1838-1865. Records 1 to 9 of 9. Clarke, Asia Booth, 1835-1888.John Wilkes Booth [electronic resource] a sister's memoir / by Asia Booth Clarke; edited and with an...
cofc.edu/MARION/@BOYS/710010005000/0 • 4K bytes • in English

Live From Lincoln Center - Interview with Kurt Masur
Interview with KURT MASUR New York Philharmonic Opening Night Gala September 17, 1997. What have you learned in 70 years? QUESTION: I'm hoping we can get at what you've learned in 70 years. This...
www.pbs.org/lflc/backstage/sept17/masur.htm • 27K bytes • in English

What's the Score?
August 24, 1997. What's the Score? By PAUL GRIFFITHS. The art of conducting, Gunther Schuller argues, is a sacred trust too often violated. THE COMPLEAT CONDUCTOR By Gunther Schuller. 571 pp....
partners.nytimes.com/books/97/08/24/revi....24griffit.html • 18K bytes • in English

Calls For Papers: CFP: Beethoven Forum (journal)
CFP: Beethoven Forum (journal) From: Stephen Hinton (shinton@stanford.edu) Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 14:29:40 EST. Next message: NULL: "CFP: Journal of the Thomas Lovell Beddoes Society (ongoing;...
www.english.upenn.edu/CFP/archive/2002-01/0212.html • 7K bytes • in English

Library Juice 3:14 Supplement - Core Values
Library Juice 3:14 Supplement, 4/12/00
www.libr.org/Juice/issues/vol3/LJ_3.14.sup.html • 49K bytes • in English

Re: The Emperor Concerto on tape.
Date Prev][Date Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next][Date Index][Thread Index] Re: The Emperor Concerto on tape. To: eric.cline@reichhold.com, f_minor@gandalf.rutgers.edu, mozartk626@aol.com. ...
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yehudi's secrets...
Date Prev][Date Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next][Date Index][Thread Index] yehudi's secrets... To: f_minor@email.rutgers.edu. Subject: yehudi's secrets... From: calclass@earthlink.net. Date: Sat,...
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Re: Scarletti too monophonic? What about Gibbons?
Date Prev][Date Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next][Date Index][Thread Index] Re: Scarletti too monophonic? What about Gibbons? To: aq094@lafn.org. Subject: Re: Scarletti too monophonic? What about...
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Re: GG: 1954 Goldbergs
Date Prev][Date Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next][Date Index][Thread Index] Re: GG: 1954 Goldbergs. To: Silvio Gordiani <gordiani@torino.alpcom.it> Subject: Re: GG: 1954 Goldbergs. From: Neil...
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LookSmart Malaysia
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Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Collection. (C0735) Collection Description. Series Descriptions. Box/Folder Listing. Collection Description. Size: 1.15 linear feet. [3 boxes] Scope. The material consists mostly of...
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Daily Barometer - Article
Give women true freedom to choose. Men and women are different. It's a simple fact of life. Yet some radical feminists deny this basic truth and therefore, in the same breath, deny the...
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f* .gr.jp domain
top | new | E-word | J-word | pref | domain | regist | search ] f* .gr.jp domain. [ Index | Japanese ] *.f-design.gr.jp. http://www.f-design.gr.jp/ fukuoka design league (Fukuoka) [?]-(2000)...
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Mahler 7 - Bruckner 9: Barbirolli: Classical CD Reviews-June 2000 Music on the Web(UK)
Classical Editor: Rob Barnett Music Webmaster Len Mullenger: Len@musicweb.uk.net. Save around 22% with these retailers. MAHLER: Symphony No. 7, BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 9. BBC Northern Symphony...
www.musicweb.force9.co.uk/music/classrev...mahler7barb.htm • 23K bytes • in English

Maestro for the Masses
March 8, 1987. Maestro for the Masses. By EDWARD W. SAID. UNDERSTANDING TOSCANINI Culture-God and Helped Create a New Audience for Old Music. By Joseph Horowitz. he selling of classical...
partners.nytimes.com/books/99/10/03/spec...-toscanini.html • 20K bytes • in English

MetropolisV - Reference: Biography: F
about MetropolisV | help. the entire directory. only in Biography/F. Top: Reference:Biography:F (0)Description. [ A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T |...
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LookSmart New Zealand - The Strength is in the Search Results
Looking for Australian Web content? Use Looksmart keyword Search, or explore the biggest national Web directory by subject.
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MUSIC. BECK, TENACIOUS D, OTHERS COME TOGETHER TO HELP PETRA HADEN A benefit will be held at Hollywood's KNITTING FACTORY on November 26th for vocalist and violinist Petra Haden (That Dog, Beck,...
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ticinonews.net - /Top/Arts/Music/Styles/Classical/Conductors/ - Luned. 1.7.02 . | 1 |
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DR V6.1: A Conversation With Heinz Holliger
A CONVERSATION WITH HEINZ HOLLIGER Frederic Palmer. To those who are familiar with the oboe, Heinz Holliger needs no introduction. Generally acclaimed to be one of the greatest oboists today, he...
www.idrs.org/Publications/DR/DR6.1/holliger.html • 35K bytes • in English

Great Performances: Porgy and Bess - Credits
Web Credits: Producer: Licia Hurst Associate Producer: Wendy Phillips Writer: John Ardoin Art Director: Mohammad Riza Designer: Janette Afsharian Technical Director: Howard Goldstein Director,...
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GP: Parsifal - Credits
Web Credits: Producer: Jason Kleinman Writer: John Ardoin Art Director: Mohammad Riza Designer: Janette Afsharian Production Assistant: Leslie Freeman Technical Director: Howard Goldstein ...
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FatDuck.com : Arts : Music : Composition : Composers : B : Brahms,_Johannes :
FatDuck.com. the entire directory. only in B/Brahms,_Johannes. Top: Arts: Music: Composition: Composers: B: Brahms, Johannes (23) Description. This category in other languages: German (10) ...
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:::: UseNet Discussion Groups ::::
Post | Reply. lvb. Author:marco. Date:Fri, 10 May 2002 04:44:53. Bytes:7117. Lines:177. References: X-Trace:news.math.toronto.edu 1021005893 19789 (10 May 2002 04:44:53 GMT) XRef:...
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Yahoo! Entertainment>Music>Artists>By Genre>Classical>Composers>Romantic>Schumann, Robert (1810 - 1856)
Yahoo! - Help - Check Email - View Bookmarks. Yahoo! Directory Categories Web Sites. . hints . advanced search. all sites. this category only. UK only. Ireland only. Found in: Home > ...
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LookSmart Hong Kong
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Definitive Great Conductors of the Third Reich: Art in the Service of Evil movie at Video Universe
Buy Great Conductors of the Third Reich: Art in the Service of Evil movies DVD or VHS at Video Universe. Great service, secure ordering and fast shipping at everyday discount prices.
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Journal Titles List: Music
... Wigwag- Wilbour Monographs Wildfowl Art Journal Wildlife Art Wildlife: The Artist's View Wilhelm Furtwaengler Society of America. Newsletter William and Mary Review William Carlos Williams Review ...
www.library.vcu.edu/jbcdocs/cm/source_lists/CMartO-Z.html • 65K bytes • in English

Digital Hit TIFF News: TIFF announces full line-up
News from the Toronto International Film Festival The 26th Toronto International Film Festival Announces its films.
www.digitalhit.com/fest/tiff/article/254 • 9K bytes • in English

Zeference Encyclopedias Encyclopedia.com F Polish Yellow Pages - Polska - Poland - Polen
Zeference Encyclopedias Encyclopedia.com F 10199 Polish Yellow Pages YP.pl
www.yellowpages.pl/ca/10199/Reference/En...clopedia.com/F/ • 80K bytes • in English

THE PRIVATE JEFFERSON. Readers seem to have an endless fascination with Jefferson both as the architect and resident of Monticello, and a good deal of interesting and important work has appeared...
etext.lib.virginia.edu/jefferson/bibliog/shuf2/tjpriv.html • 18K bytes • in English

HoustonChronicle.com - Martha Moedl, German opera singer, dies at 89
... same work in Mannheim, Germany in 1999. "Moedl's voice is a pure magic box," the conductor Wilhelm Furtwaengler, who directed her in Vienna, Rome and Paris in the 1950s, once said. "Other voices can ...
www.chron.com/cs/CDA/story.hts/deaths/music/1182433 • 18K bytes • in English

GUIOMAR NOVAES. The 1949 Town Hall Recital. Unissued Studio Recordings. CHOPIN: Sonatas 2 & 3; Fantasy; 24 Preludes; Scherzos 3 & 4; Nocturne op 15:2; Etudes op 10:3; 9; Two Mazurkas; Impromptu...
www.mvdaily.com/articles/1999/01/novaes.htm • 5K bytes • in English

Arts / Music / Styles / Classical / Conductors - RV dealers Texas Rio Grande Valley RVs recreational vehicles new Allegro ...
Looking for "Conductors?" Browse the largest Internet directory of all the best online resources for Conductors, Classical, Styles, Music, Arts and other related topics at Texas Trader!
www.texastrader.tv/Arts/Music/Styles/Classical/Conductors/ • 33K bytes • in English

www.pbs.org/wnet/gperf/html/body_credit-f15.html • 8K bytes • in English

Trials of German Major War Criminals: Volume 13
The Trial of German Major War Criminals
www.vex.net/~nizkor/hweb/imt/tgmwc/tgmwc...13-121-03.shtml • 19K bytes • in English

BRUCKNER (1824-1896) Symphony No.8 Barbirolli [TD]: Classical Reviews- August 2001 MusicWeb(UK)
Classical CD reviews posted every day
www.musicweb.force9.co.uk/music/classrev..._Barbirolli.htm • 16K bytes • in English

The Twisted Muse
CHAPTER ONE. The Twisted Muse: Musicians and Their Music in the Third Reich. By MICHAEL H. KATER. Oxford University Press National Socialism, the Third Reich, and the Music Scene. Music,...
partners.nytimes.com/books/first/k/kater-muse.html • 53K bytes • in English

| Recent Articles | The Western Historical Quarterly, 33.1 | The History Cooperative
Recent Articles. Agriculture and Ranching. Cothern, Barbara, "Scott's Modern Caravan: Brooklyn to Buhl," Idaho Yesterdays 45 (Spring/Summer 2001): 3–17. Daynes, Gary, and Richard Ian Kimball,...
www.historycooperative.org/journals/whq/...t_articles.html • 57K bytes • in English

Song translations of HAYASHIBARA Megumi
HAYASHIBARA Megumi. Keywords: HAYASHIBARA Megumi, Songs, Translation from Japanese to English. My favorite musicians are Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Enya, J.S. Bach, R. Bernstein, Furtwangler...
www.mpi-sb.mpg.de/~hitoshi/hobby/hayashibara/Megu.shtml • 2K bytes • in English

Piccolo still expanding
Spoleto Festival USA Home Page Piccolo Spoleto Festival Home Page. Piccolo still expanding. Sunday, May 17, 1998. By DOTTIE ASHLEY Of The Post and Courier staff. The Piccolo Spoleto Festival,...
www.charleston.net/entertain/spoleto98/s...icprevu0517.htm • 11K bytes • in English

LookSmart Malaysia
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LookSmart India
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The Austin Chronicle Arts Listings: Theatre
Theatre | Dance | Classical | Comedy | Litera | Art ] Theatre. Theatre Openings. The Drunkard (Aug 13), Frontera's Monthly Mini-Fest (Aug 18), X'ed Channels (Aug 18) X'ed Channels. The Vortex. ...
www.auschron.com/issues/vol18/issue50/ca...ar/theatre.html • 20K bytes • in English

The Austin Chronicle Arts Listings: Theatre
Theatre | Dance | Classical | Comedy | Litera | Art ] Theatre. Theatre Openings. Texas Young Playwrights Festival (Aug 20), Millennium Bug (Aug 26) Texas Young Playwrights Festival. Dougherty...
www.auschron.com/issues/vol18/issue51/ca...ar/theatre.html • 18K bytes • in English

American Civil War OH
www.arts.adelaide.edu.au/personal/DHart/...AmericanCW.html • 19K bytes • in English

CREN ListProc-WWW: Archives for BA-NEWMUS
For help, please send e-mail to listadmin@mills.edu. Archives for BA-NEWMUS. [Date Prev][Date Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next][Date Index][Thread Index] [BA-NEWMUS:4799] Re: Wagner. To: "Bay Area...
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Los Angeles Magazine: THE ACTOR'S LIFE.
Find Articles Home. View By Subject. View By Name. Search Tips. Help. Search. all magazines. this magazine. Arts/Entertain. Automotive. Business/Fin. Comp./Tech. Health/Fitness. Home/Family. ...
findarticles.com/cf_lamg/m1346/3_46/7097...8/article.jhtml • 15K bytes • in English

azcentral.com photos of the year 2000 | Deirdre Hamill
Deirdre Hamill has been a photographer for The Arizona Republic and the late Phoenix Gazette for eight years. She has won numerous awards, including Best of the West, Arizona Associated Press,...
www.azcentral.com/photo/poy2000/hamill/ham10.html • 15K bytes • in English