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LA Weekly: Theater Review: They Saved Hitler's Head
LA Weekly: They Saved Hitler's Head by Steven Mikulan. The Führer as model tyrant...
URL: www.laweekly.com/ink/99/24/theater-mikulan.shtml
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Fraser Gange Home Page
Home Page for Scottish baritone Fraser Gange (1886-1962). Sang with major American orchestras during the teens and 20s; recorded for Columbia and...
URL: ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/JGRAVES/fgmain.htm
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TWB V2.3: Double Reed International Club Forming Committe
Double Reed International Club Forming Committe. Mr. Donald Christlieb, bassoonist and musical director of the Menhemmick Chamber Players, has been a...
URL: idrs.colorado.edu/publications/TWBassoon....committee.html
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I would to like to participate in the second Wilhelm Furtwängler-Days 1998 in Jena, and I would like to book: Number: ticket(s) for the Musicacademy, Nov..
URL: www.uni-jena.de/~ank/anmelde.html
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LPs Classical
Classical Music CDs Latest Releases. Lowest Prices Anywhere! Also: LPs, Historic Broadway Playbills, Books, CD Reviews, Music Articles, Audio History...
URL: www.classicalmusiccd.com/ClassicalLPsRecordings.html
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THE END OF MENGELBERG'S CAREER. Well into the sixth decade after the terrible events that wracked an entire world, the reputation of Willem Mengelberg...
URL: www.geocities.com/Paris/1947/m-pol.html
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LP classical
Classical Music CDs Latest Releases. Lowest Prices Anywhere! Also: LPs, Historic Broadway Playbills, Books, CD Reviews, Music Articles, Audio History...
URL: www.classicalmusiccd.com/LPclassicalmusic.html
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Pia Fridh - Pi@'s Favorite Music Links
Pi@'s Favourite Music Links. Music is essential to me - like water to the fish! Visit the links to my favourite Stars!! Classical Stars. Composers....
URL: www.fridh.se/pia/piamusic.htm
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Fraser Gange Career Chronology
Fraser Gange Career Chronology. This is not a comprehensive listing of Fraser Gange's career, only what we have found in publications and US archives to...
URL: ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/JGRAVES/fgchron.htm
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E! Online - Fact Sheet - Don Giovanni (Siepi Version)
music stars. Bonnie Raitt. Trisha Yearwood. Tori Amos. Bacon Bros. James Brown. LL Cool J. a movie. a last name. • Advertising • Masthead. • Contact Us....
URL: eonline.com/Facts/Movies/0,60,22506,00.html
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George Fields
THE POCKET BACH. Inventions, Sinfonias, Preludes, Fugues & Bourrees as transcribed and performed in unique multi-track recordings by. GEORGE FIELDS....
URL: www.bassharp.com/fields-e.htm
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Andrew's Goldmine back issue (44-400) index
Andrew's Goldmine back issue (44-400) index. I had been planning on continuing this past issue 400, but Goldmine (finally!) published their own back issue.
URL: geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palms/5555/goldmine.html
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Finlandia Records: Biography: The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. Founded in 1914, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra is a European orchestra of the highest level....
URL: www.warner-classics.com/finlandia/fa/biogs/rspo.htm
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Celebrating Sir Neville Marriner on his 75th birthday on April 15, 1999
Sir Neville Marriner conducting Haydn's Piano Concerto in D major in a 1982 recording with the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Photo © Unitel...
URL: www.unitel.classicalmusic.com/uhilites/150499.htm
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Biography/Autobiography - Composers & Musicians - Classical
Complete data on this...
URL: www.netstoreusa.com/books/av/bkba452.shtml
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889. Abel, vn: Brahms: Son op 120/1 & 2 (orig cl/pn): Szidon, pn. HM 1C 065-99787*Ex. $5. 890. Accardo, vn/ECO: Haydn: Conc & Sinf Concertante &Schiff,...
URL: www.bluemarble.net/~arsnova/corey/WDm1/VIOLINISTSVI.HTML
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Vol. 5 No. 218 Wednesday, January 27, 1999. Osaka 2008 Olympic Bid Committee to be established on Feb. 8. The Osaka Municipal Government announced it will.
URL: www.kippo.or.jp/news/1999-e/0127.htm
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Video and DVD titles - am9
Summers Music also offers VHS Videos, DVDs, and Laser Discs. All of which can be purchased online and shipped directly to you from our...
URL: www.summers-music.com/movies/am9.shtml
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Classical CD Reviews May 1999 Scrolling without CD covers : Music on the Web (
Classical Editor: Rob Barnett Reviewers: Rob Barnett, Ian Lace, Len Mullenger, Paul Tonks, and: Richard Adams, Andy Daly, Tony Duggan, Jane Erb, Gerald...
URL: www.musicweb.force9.co.uk/music/classrev...sctxtmay99.html
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Classical CD Reviews- May 1999 MAHLER: Symphony No.4 etc.cond Britten: Music o
MAHLER: Symphony No.4* Songs of a Wayfarer# Two songs from Des Knaben Wunderhorn+ Joan Carlyle* Anna Reynolds# Elly Ameling+ London Symphony Orchestra*...
URL: www.musicweb.force9.co.uk/music/classrev...rittmahler4.htm
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Book / Arts & Music / Biographies & Monographs / Composers & Musicians / Class
Browse / Arts & Music Books / Biographies & Monographs / Composers & Musicians / Classical / Directors. Browse our most popular books titles--from 1 to...
URL: bookmag.com/books/arts---music/279.html
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January 25 - 31
Kurt Nemes' Musical...
URL: www.geocities.com/Vienna/Opera/1315/99_01_25.html
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Great Recordings - Scherchen's Mahler 2nd symphony
Great Recordings - Hermann Scherchen conducting Mahler's 2nd symphony. By Mark B. Anstendig, representing The Anstendig Institute. The mezzo movement of...
URL: www.geocities.com/Vienna/Strasse/2914/ne...ecordings1.html
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Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999)
Yehudi Menuhin article and discography by Culturekiosque, Europe's guide to arts and entertainment worldwide by international journalists and...
URL: www.culturekiosque.com/klassik/features/rhemenuhin_e.html
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KBYU-FM Schedule- July 20-26
KBYU-FM Schedule for July 20-26, 1997. 20 Sunday. 8:06AM Music for a Sunday Morning 10:00AM St. Paul Sunday 11:30AM Music & The Spoken Word 12:00PM...
URL: www.kbyu.org/fm/july97-20-26.html
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Amazon.com - Query Results
Keyword Search. Books. Popular Music. Classical Music. Video. All Products. Search Books. Author, Title, Subject. ISBN. Publisher, Date. Power Search....
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HuDir: Music
HuDir: Arts: Music. Music. HuDir. Heureka. Artists (262) 28Records Party Service Homepage - A 28Records vállalja bulik szervezését, hangosítását, zene...
URL: www.hudir.hu/English/Arts/Music/
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Fraser Gange Biography
Fraser Gange Biography. Early Days in Dundee and London. Fraser Gange was born in Dundee, Scotland, in 1886. Growing up in a musical family of glove...
URL: ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/JGRAVES/fgbio.htm
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Tributes to Wilhelm Furtwangler
Tributes to Wilhelm Furtwängler. (25 Jan 1886 ~ 30 Nov 1954) FastCounter by LinkExchange. First-day cover of Berlin Festival in 1955. The Illustrated...
URL: tinpan.fortunecity.com/bush/200/index.htm
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Mark Obert-Thorn: The TransferGuy
Restorations of classic performances from 78rpm recordings for connoisseurs of...
URL: www.2xtreme.net/regina-r/obert-thorn/index.html
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Recommended classical CDs [4/4]
Recommended classical CDs [4/4] previous page / back to intro. jump to... Key bottom of page. Saint-Saëns to Wagner. MM. CH. AMG. NPR. Composer. Work. Rec.
URL: www.obkb.com/dcljr/clcd4.html
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Freddy Kempf's Web Site - British Pianist, Tchaikovsky Competition Prize Winne
Freddy Kempf's Web Site - British, Pianist, Tchaikovsky Competition Prize Winner, Kempf Trio,...
URL: www.thump.org/freddy/
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747. Anda, pn & cond/Salzburg Camerata Academica: Mozart: Conc K413 & K450. white promo. DG 139 393*Ex-Ex. $7. 748. Anda, pn & cond/Salzburg Camerata...
URL: www.bluemarble.net/~arsnova/corey/WDm1/PIANISTS.HTML
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Wilhelm Furtwängler and Music in the Third Reich
Wilhelm Furtwängler and Music in the Third Reich. Antony Charles. Not only during his lifetime, but also in the decades since his death in 1954, Wilhelm...
URL: www.ihr.org/jhr/v17/v17n3p-2_Charles.html
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BEST CDS of 10,000
RECOMMENDED TITLES FROM 10,000 CDS NOTE: A recommended performance may later be re-issued with another catalog number or on another...
URL: members.aol.com/BLUEGOSPEL/cds.index.html
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BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG FAMILIES. To submit your surname: Send an email to F.Mailaender@cenit.de . Subject line: "BA-WUE Family", Include ONLY surnames from...
URL: www.rootsweb.com/~deubadnw/famF.html
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Tahra Classical Recordings
Tahra Recordings are an historical series of once-unavailable recordings edited by the late conductor Hermann Scherchen's daughter, Dr. Myriam Scherchen...
URL: musicandarts.com/Tahra.html
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Regular list
European Site for Collectible Records. Do not miss our Hits of the Month Section containing our very last items. This is our classical records listing at..
URL: www.invinylveritas.ch/classical%20list.htm
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The art of conducting (in LUCIA1)
The art of conducting. Title: The art of conducting [videorecording] : legendary conductors of a golden era / a Teldec Classics International production ;.
URL: lucia.lib.lawrence.edu:8080/LUCIA1/ADG-2979
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Sakari Oramo
Not daunted by the shadow of Simon Rattle. From Finnish Music Quarterly magazine 1/97. by Harri Kuusisaari. Sakari Oramo faces the challenge with his feet.
URL: www.musicfinland.com/classical/fmq/articles/oramo.html
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Jack Chung's Diary of Anton Bruckner - August 1998
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java. My Diary of Bruckner. 1/6/99 .............................. ............................ 20/10/98...
URL: www.geocities.com/Vienna/Strasse/8624/diary.html
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Les Visiteurs
The Guestbook. Feel free to browse through our guestbook, and find out for yourself what good (and bad) things people have to say about the site, the...
URL: www.geocities.com/Vienna/4322/geobook.html
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Bruckner Reviews
REVIEWS (SUMMARY) (1) BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 5 Royal Scottish National Orchestra/Georg Tintner Naxos 8.553452 HI-FI NEWS & RECORD REVIEW (UK) December...
URL: www.interlog.com/~symphweb/staff/bruckner.html
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Home. Who we are What we do Earnest, Our Newsletter Our Library Links E-mail us! Conductors. By Scott Giles The interpretation of music is important....
URL: members.unlimited.net/~august/conducto1.htm
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What's Happening This Month? O'Connor Piano, MIDI Keyboard and Organ Studio
O'Connor Piano, MIDI Keyboard and Organ...
URL: www.oconnormusic.org/month.htm
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Gateway to the Sir Edward Elgar Page. -- -- This is the Home Page for yours truly, Keith R. Hansen. Actually, the only purpose of this page is to...
URL: www.geocities.com/Vienna/Strasse/8197/index.html
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Tuesday 19 November 1996
Tuesday 19 November 1996. News on the hour from 5.00am to 1.00pm, then 4.00pm to 7.00pm . 6.00 CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE Music selected by Felix Hayman...
URL: www.abc.net.au/classic/november/19.htm
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The Art of LUBKA KOLESSA. 3CD SET: DHR- 7743-5 - IN PREPARATION. Recordings and concert broadcasts of one of the 20th century greatest pianists: Lubka...
URL: www.interlog.com/~doremi/kolessa.html
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