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Richard Wagner on the Web
Review of Das Rheingold with Herbert von Karajan conducting the Berlin Philharmonic (DGG 415141) by Brian Wilkinson. There seem to be two ways to go with..
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CLASSICAL records AND CLASSICAL RECORDS classical records
CLASSICAL records classical records classical recordsand CLASSICAL RECORDS and classical lp and classical record and vocal lps and orchestral lps and...
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Richard Wagner on the Web
Review of Das Rheingold with Herbert von Karajan conducting the Berlin Philharmonic (DGG 415141) by Charles E. Muntz. Herbert von Karajan made a studio...
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WWW VL Classical Music: Artists, from soloists to orchestras
Artists, from soloists to orchestras. If you know of a WWW page for a particular soloist, ensemble or orchestra which is not listed here, please use the...
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Paul Geffen's Mostly Classical Music Index
to the Music Index. These pages are all about composers and recordings of all types of music. The main focus is on Western art music, primarily the "big...
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Neil's Home Page
Neil's Home and Music pages. The Furtwangler Discography, Grigory Sokolov, Prokofiev and more.
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Richard Wagner on the Web
Review of a Live 1951 Performance of Act III of Die Walküre with Herbert von Karajan conducting the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra (EMI 64704) by Charles E...
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Deryk Barker's Home Page
Welcome to Deryk Barker's Home Page. Without music life would be a mistake Friedrich Nietzsche. Music is life and, as such, is inextinguishable. Carl...
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Preferred Jobs Book store D/E
nbsp; The College Board Guide to Jobs and Career Planning ~ Ships in 2-3 days. Joyce Slayton Mitchell / Paperback / Published 1994 Our Price: $11.20 ~ You.
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Irvington Records is a high volume buyer and seller of collectible Jazz, Opera, and Classical records and reel to reel tapes. A complete catalog of
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WWW VL Classical Music: Full Alphabetic Catalog
Full Catalog. This is an unannotated alphabetically sorted list of every item listed in the classical music department of the WWW Virtual Library. Because.
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Great Performances Credits Feature 9
The New Jersey Performing Arts Center Opening Night Gala. WEB CREDITS. Producer LICIA HURST. Art Director MOHAMMAD RIZA. Associate Producer WENDY PHILLIPS.
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Wilhelm Furtwängler - a critical discography
This is an ongoing promise to compile a FAQ for all those Furtwaengler addicts, newbies or even the curious. I've lifted chunks from various postings to...
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Worth Online
nbsp; HOME . SEARCH . MSG BOARDS . FEEDBACK. 94/01-Vinyl Resting Place. By Karen Benfield. Steven Spielberg isn't the only one making money off...
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Celibidache and the Curtis Orchestra
Copyright 1996 John Kellyr / 26 Sep 1996
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Kaneko Personal Home Page
Personal Home Page. Japanese version is here. Top page is here. Welcome ! But... Introduction of my research work is now in preparation. Please wait....
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BEETHOVEN. Overtures Chamber Orchestra of Europe/Nikolaus Harnoncourt Teldec Classics 0640 113140 2. For a limited time, Harnoncourt’s collection...
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Serenade/Classical Choice News: LABEL SPECIALS
Click on your selection to add it to your shopping cart.) REVELATION. RR-1 PROKOFIEV REV 10101 18.99. Sym-Con. Conc'tino....
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OperaWeb Singers - Gobbi - Discography
Gobbi Discography on CD. by Pierre Guillemette. For each recording, you will find in that order: Name of the Opera, Gobbi Role, Label and Number,...
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Daedalus Books and Music
Music Category Index: SPECIAL. Click on a album title to see more detail. The Revels Collection: Celebrations of the Winter Solstice. Revels Chorus,...
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Beethoven Symphony No. 7
I love these recordings (my favorites). 1979 Stereo. Leonard Bernstein Wiener Philharmoniker. 1983 Digital. Herbert von Karajan Berliner Philharmoniker. I.
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Don Giovanni - Discography and Top Recordings
Discography and Top Recordings. by Pierre Guillemette. Recordings are listed in chronological order. For each recording, you will find in that order: date.
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Contacts and Other Information
Great Music Links. Furtwaengler links. The UK Furtwaengler Society are at: C/o Mr John Hunt, Flat 6, 37 Chester Way ,LONDON SE 11 4UR, UK. The French...
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The Practice of Performance
The Practice of Performance. Studies in Musical Interpretation. Rink, John (ed.) The twelve essays in this volume represent the most important trends in...
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Neil's Guestbook
Guestbook. Thank you for dropping in on my pages. Please do add an entry (and a link to your pages if you like) to this guestbook I'm keeping! I need an...
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Browse menu of Northeastern University Press titles
Browse menu of Northeastern University Press titles. Aaron, Daniel: American Notes: Selected Essays. Adelsberger, Lucie: Auschwitz: A Doctor's Story....
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classical reviews
CD Music Reviews Classical CD Music Reviews Classical Music CDs Latest Releases. Lowest CD Classical Prices Anywhere! Also, LPs, Historic Broadway...
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nbsp; Classical Music CDs Latest Releases. Lowest Prices Anywhere! Also: LPs, Historic Broadway Playbills, Books, CD Reviews, Music Articles, Audio...
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Furtl-l Mailing list
Furt-l Mailing List.   Your humble list owner is Neil Tingley (music@netlink.co.uk - http://www.netlink.co.uk/users/music - home of the Furtwaengler..
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Friday April/10/1998. Articles. Apotheosis Of Gotterdammerung. Wartime Figaro. Rare Bellini. Meistersinger Magic. Reiner's Wagner. Apotheosis Of...
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ICRC Spring 1997 reviews
Home | A-Z index | Order forms | Feedback | Bookshelf | Links. International Classical Record Collector Spring 1997. Review titles. Book reviews. The...
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Classical music links
Stan's collection of classical music links
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Over 92% New CDs under $12. Look, listen & buy online at wholesale Cost. Low S&H. Checkin - Best Picks - Browse - Help/Info - Checkout. Find CD's by...
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Interesting Links - Composer Sites
Composer Informational Sites. This page provides links to composer information on the web, but only for those composers who are not represented by a...
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New CD listings: May 98
New CDs May 98 Apr 98. Back to new CDs menu (full list of months) New CDs - May 98. Go to: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. A. ABEL....
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Shady Dog Records
Specializing in rare vinyl. Click here to enter the store. | record store | music store | records | albums | lps lp's | used records | used lps | used...
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Awards winners: Classic CD Awards 1998
Awards Classic CD 1998 1997 1996 1995. MIDEM 1998 1997. Back to Awards menu. The very best classical releases of the last year, as voted by the readers of.
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Awards winners: Classic CD Awards 1998
1998 Winners Disc of Year Lifetime Bach & before Historical Reissue Rare Living cpsr Orchestral Concertos Chamber Keyboard Opera Song/choral Best buy....
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Nizkor FTP file: people/nyms/ehrlich606/1996/ehrlich.0896
Nizkor FTP file: people/nyms/ehrlich606/1996/ehrlich.0896. From ehrlich606@aol.com Thu Aug 1 06:10:29 PDT 1996 Article: 54728 of alt.revisionism Path:...
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George Valsamis' Notebook_ On Music
Notes on religion, philosophy of history and education
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Biography Books F-M Alphabetic Index from Open Group
Biography books alphabetic titles listing. All titles discounted - with free delivery on orders over US$50. We have delivery centers in the USA and
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Boheme Article
Prince Igor. Lohengrin. Carmen. Les Contes d'Hoffmann. Salome. Hamlet. Il Barbiere di Siviglia. Harvey Milk. Die Fledermaus. Aida   Giacomo Puccini...
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No Title
Abstracts from files in info-mac/data as of Sun 12 Apr 1998 #### BINHEX 4-fm-pro-models.hqx **** From: alain.a.g@sympatico.ca Subject: 4FMPro models...
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Classical Composers Listed Alphabetically
Classical Composer Links on the Web
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The Music Exchange Master Catalog
The Music Exchange Master Catalog. Jump to section: 0. COBB. A * AGE * ALST * ANTH * ASPH. GROW. B. MR * MY. COUN. N * NELS * NIGR * NYLX. BABY * BACH *...
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Great Performances Credits Feature 12
The Art of Singing: Golden Voices, Silver Screen. WEB CREDITS. Producer LICIA HURST. Art Director MOHAMMAD RIZA. Associate Producers DAVID McCARTHY WENDY..
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Out of Print - CDs For Sale - Musicinthemail Box 1 Brightwaters NY 11718
MUSIC IN THE MAIL- P.O. BOX ONE - BRIGHTWATERS, N.Y. 11718 Classical Music CDs Latest Releases. Lowest Classical Music Prices Anywhere! Also,LPs, Historic.
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MindSpring and WhoWhere?
nbsp; LookUps E-Mail Addresses Phone & Address Home Pages. People in U.S. Gov't. Yellow Pages Companies Online Add & Update Add/Update E-mail Add..
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Biography Books A-D Alphabetic Index from Open Group
Biography books alphabetic titles listing. All titles discounted - with free delivery on orders over US$50. We have delivery centers in the USA and
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Igor Kufayev. Burnt Earth. 24 pages text & biography, with 1 b&w illustration & 8 colour plates. Paperback, 250x220mm. Salama-Caro Gallery,...
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LPs Classical
nbsp; Classical Music CDs Latest Releases. Lowest Prices Anywhere! Also: LPs, Historic Broadway Playbills, Books, CD Reviews, Music Articles, Audio...
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MUSIC IN THE MAIL- P.O. BOX ONE - BRIGHTWATERS, N.Y. 11718 Classical Music CDs Latest Releases. Lowest Classical Music Prices Anywhere! Also, LPs,...
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Beethoven's Symphony No.6
Symphony No.6, Pastoral. "Sinfonia pastorella - anyone who has an idea of life in the country can divine for himself the composer's intentions...
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The 1920s/Year 1922
The 1920s/The Year 1922
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Music. Historical recordings. Beethoven: Symphony No 7; Symphony No 8. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra / Wilhelm Furtwängler. Orfeo C 293 921 B. One day on..
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Beethoven Symphony No. 3 "Eroica"
I love these recordings (my favorites). 1944 Mono. Wilhelm Furtwangler Wiener Philharnomiker. 1990 Digital. Nikolaus Harnoncourt The Chamber Orchestra of..
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Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library New Recordings -- February 1998
Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library New Recordings -- February 1998. New Recordings, February 1998. Abu Murad, Nida. L'art du maqam a l'alto et au violon. Volume..
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