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Komolyzene. Verdi - Leontyne Price, Grace Bumbry, Placido Domingo, Sherrill Milnes - London Symphony Orchestra - Erich Leinsdorf. Aida. CD rend. sz:...
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Max Reger Links
Links. Table of Contents. Johann Sebastian Bach. Serguei Sergueievich Prokofiev. Béla Bartók. Max Reger. Alban Berg. Arnold Schönberg. Johannes Brahms....
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ICRC Summer 1996 contents
Home | A-Z index | Order forms | Feedback | Bookshelf | Links. International Classical Record Collector Summer 1996. Contents. Collector news: In the...
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Trial of strength (in MARION)
Trial of strength. Author: Prieberg, Fred K. Uniform title: Kraftprobe. English. Title: Trial of strength : Wilhelm Furtwängler in the Third Reich / Fred..
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Wagner on the Web: Ring Recordings
What's New ? Upcoming Performances Performance Reviews Links to Other Sites Book Reviews News Group Archives. SELECTED CDs & CD REVIEWS. Der Ring des...
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ICRC Autumn 1995 contents
Home | A-Z index | Order forms | Feedback | Bookshelf | Links. International Classical Record Collector Autumn 1995. Contents. Collector news. In this...
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Theodore Front: Blanket Approval Plan
Appendix C. Twentieth-Century Composers represented in the American and European blanket/approval plans. ACCOLAY, JEAN BATISTE. 1845-1910. ADAMS, DANIEL...
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Page 133
Sound Shoppe On-Line Catalog. Thank-you for browsing our comprehensive On-Line music catalog! If you would like to place an order, send us an E-Mail or...
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Composers - Listed by Name
nbsp; Get Information About Sponsoring StudyWeb.   Composers - Listed by Name. [A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W,..
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DHM, Picture archive, photographers, Litzmann
Picture archive DHM. Archive of photographers. Ursula Litzmann. Attention: All pictures are protected by the copyright of the DHM. (37 Kbytes) (46 Kbytes).
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Beethoven's Symphony No.2
Symphony No.2. "In this symphony, everything is noble, energetic, proud." Hector Berlioz. The 2nd symphony was completed in the summer of 1802...
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Furtwaengler Archives1949
Furtwängler Archives1949. [1948] [About WF Arc.] [1950] [English WF site] 1949. [1949 in Japanese] 26-29 Jan. 1949 Munich Phil. Munich(private...
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Conductors - Mono
Conductors - Mono. Item Number. Label. Prefix. Number. Description. Jacket Grade. Disc Grade. Price. 48551. MUSIC TREASURES. MT. 47. ABENDROTH;...
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The Life of Mahler (Musical Lives)
Text-Only. The Life of Mahler (Musical Lives) by Peter Franklin. List: $39.95 Our Price: $39.95. Availability: This title usually ships within 2-3 days....
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No Title
Playlist For Midday Classics with Shirley Sands. MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 1998. MOZART, Wolfgang; Overture to the Marriage of Figaro, K492; Academy of St....
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Komolyzenei videók. Jó böngészést! Bartók - Sass, Kováts, Solti. A kékszakállú herceg..
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Calendar Of Events
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Beethoven's Symphony No.1
Symphony No.1. "Magnificent, limpid, fiery-flowing." Carl Maria von Weber. "The instrumental swan-song of the 18th century, the final...
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Wilhelm Furtwängler site by shin-p
Wilhelm Furtwängler site. by shin-p. [shin-pHP] [shin-p's Frame][Who's shin-p] [WF site in Japanese] [LINKS] [WF's Chronoligical Discography] Wilhelm.
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No Title
Brabants Conservatorium    Links   ' Composers '   General information. Information on composers. Hall of Fame  ...
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Videos, Import VHS F
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Tough R-2787 94.95. Fambrough, Charles - Bradley93 J-611 84.95. Fame, Georgie - Cool Cats Stut R-2781 94.95. Fania All-Stars -...
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nbsp;   Berlin-Inside in focus - informed - in February 1998 - in English. After last weekend unexpectedly hailstones mixed with snow and rain...
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The Art of Conducting
Album Title: The History of Conducting in the 20th Century. Artist: label: EMI (7 CDs, boxed) List Price:$ 70.00. Sale Price:$ 60.00. Media: CD. run...
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Rara Avis
Rara Avis. home page     search     contact us   catalogs. RARA AVIS, your source for Uncommon classical...
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Raravis Product 1
Rara Avis. home page     search     contact us   catalogs.   SET SALE.   RCA LIVING STEREO (Shaded...
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Innovative College Library /All Location
Innovative Interfaces Demo4 OPAC. (Export) Request this material. You searched: AUTHOR. TITLE. SUBJECT. WORDS. KEYWORD. GOVT DOC # ISN. OCLC NO. Record 2..
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Chronology of Carl Schuricht. Data shown below come mostly from booklets of CDs. New informations and/or suggestions are always welcome. Help me please!...
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Aria Database - Search Page
There are many databases out there on the Web with lots of good information on them. Unfortunately, it takes some effort to find them. So here are some of.
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The art of conducting (in LUCIA1)
The art of conducting. Title: The art of conducting [videorecording] : legendary conductors of a golden era / a Teldec Classics International production ;.
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Götterdämmerung (excerpts) Details
MDC Classic Music, The UK's Largest Independent Clasical Music Retailer, established for over 15 years. now online with a classical music catalogue over
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DDM Twentieth Century
DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS IN MUSICOLOGY-ONLINE. School of Music Indiana University Bloomington, IN 47405. TWENTIETH CENTURY. (An asterisk following the DDM...
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The Devil's Music Master : The Controversial Life and Career of Wilhelm Furtwa
Text-Only. The Devil's Music Master : The Controversial Life and Career of Wilhelm Furtwangler by Sam H. Shirakawa. List: $35.00 Our Price: $24.50 You...
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Apr 5, 1998 - BCN148:STAGE-EAST BAY THROUGH APRIL 19 -LEISURE LOG -- STAGE CONTINUED FOR APRIL 10 THROUGH APRIL 19. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...
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Beethoven's Symphony No.4
Symphony No.4. "A slender Greek maiden between two Norse giants." Robert Schumann. "Such a height of passion as even Beethoven's fiery...
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No Title
Mar 30, 1998 - BCN151:STAGE-EAST BAY THROUGH APRIL 12 -LEISURE LOG -- STAGE CONTINUED FOR APRIL 3 THROUGH APRIL 12. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...
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Die Fledermaus - article
Prince Igor. Lohengrin. Carmen. Les Contes d'Hoffmann. Salome. Hamlet. Il Barbiere di Siviglia. Harvey Milk. Die Fledermaus. Aida   Johann Strauss,...
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Beethoven's Symphony No.7
Symphony No.7. "This symphony is the very apotheosis of the dance." Richard Wagner. "The extravagances of Beethoven's genius have reached...
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FanFaire 1997. It is almost as daunting a task technically and artistically to produce a studio recording as it is to stage a complete production of the...
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Nizkor FTP file: people/h/hitler.adolf/oss-papers/text/oss-sb-thyssen
Nizkor FTP file: people/h/hitler.adolf/oss-papers/text/oss-sb-thyssen. 00010666.GIF _"I PAID HITLER"_ _By Fritz Thyssen_ Hitler told me how he...
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DANIEL BARENBOIM: biography & discography on Teldec Classic International
nbsp; "A great musician and a great motivator, with an extraordinary ability to forge productive alliances with directors and singers. " (Andrew.
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Fi-DG: Introduction
Fi-DG: Introduction on Classical Insites - Your online guide to the world of classical music
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File bach-list/bach-list/bach-list.log9607
File bach-list/bach-list/bach-list.log9607. Article from 'archives of bach-list@listserv.uh.edu June 1996 up to now.'...
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Grand Piano, NI 8806, Brahms - Booklet Note
Brahms. Harold Bauer, Wilhelm Backhaus, Edwin Fischer, Carl Friedberg, Myra Hess, Artur Rubinstein. by David Dubal. Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), the great.
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This is shin-p's HOMEPAGE
Welcome! shin-p's Web site. W.Furtwängler, Hamster"Fuku" & shin-p's family PAGE*I [JapaneseFrontPage] Hamster"Fuku"(Photo) My Hamster Prity! Arere....
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ICRC Winter 1995 reviews
Home | A-Z index | Order forms | Feedback | Bookshelf | Links. International Classical Record Collector Winter 1995. Review titles. Book review. The...
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The Journal of Historical Review Index: Volume 14 (1994)
The Journal of Historical Review Index: Volume 14 (1994) Alphabetical by author within each issue. Volume 14 number 1 (January/February) Grau, Karl...
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Beethoven's symphonies
Beethoven's symphonies. The current Schwann catalog lists some 50 complete sets of the Beethoven symphonies, and about 100 recordings of the most popular..
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ICRC Spring 98 reviews
Home | A-Z index | Order forms | Feedback | Bookshelf | Links. International Classical Record Collector Spring 1998. Review titles. Video review. The Art..
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Yahoo! in Asia - Entertainment:Music:Genres:Classical
Top:Entertainment:Music:Genres:Classical.    Options. Search:  All sites  Asian sites only  This category only  Yahoo!...
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Takahiro Sonoda*@--Profile--
Japanese | 1928 Born in Tokyo. From his early age, he received acoustic training from Kiyohide Sonoda,his father. After graduating from the Tokyo...
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INKPOT#50 CLASSICAL MUSIC REVIEWS: A Tribute to Leonard Bernstein
A Tribute to Lenny. by Adrian Tan. (Signature image from the Leonard Bernstein Tribute Page.) I¹ve never been able to answer questions like "Who is your...
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........................................Chicago Tribune, Thu. May 17, 1996 ....A long load ......Octogenarian adds years to Bruckner's 5th By John von...
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