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German names at Purdue
NAMES YOU MIGHT ENCOUNTER AS A STUDENT OF GERMAN AT PURDUE. A. Adler, K. Adenauer, L. Andreas-Salomé, H. Arendt, J.S. Bach, K. Barth, L. van Beethoven, C..
URL: www.sla.purdue.edu/fll/German/names.html
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Stagebill - Classical - Profiles
Archives August Vladimir Ashkenazy Kronos Quartet July Lou Harrison Child Prodigies June Mozart in 1784 Mendelssohn in Scotland May Leif Ove Andsnes...
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WPR's Basic Classical Music Library
WISCONSIN PUBLIC RADIO. A BASIC CLASSICAL LIBRARY. Suggested Repertoire and Performances for a Classical Music Library on CD Prepared by the Music Staff...
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I would to like to participate in the 1st Wilhelm Furtwängler Days in Jena, and I would like to book: Number: ticket(s) for the symphony concert on...
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Page 7. News Weather Search Art Music Literature Science Fun Space History. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Music from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. ELECTRONIC ZOO....
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WPR's September 1997 Classical Music Schedule
WISCONSIN PUBLIC RADIO. CLASSICAL MUSIC LISTINGS FOR SEPTEMBER 1997. To see music listings for a particular day, simply click on the number of the day....
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No Title
Discography. I append here, for interest, a list of performances in my possession which I have consulted while preparing this survey. There are other...
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Classical music story index
05/06/97 - 03:14 AM ET - Click reload often for latest version. Classical music story index. 1995's sublime moments and major missteps. Bottazzi's (Ana...
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Welcome to Tatsuhiro Miyake's page. Name: Tatsuhiro Miyake. Associated department: Engineering department. Title: Engineering manager. Responsible for:...
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Alan Jefferson on Schwarzkopf
Robert Cowan on 'Arte Nova' - Alan Jefferson on Schwarzkopf Michael Tanner on Strauss - Treasure Trove Michelangeli 1957 Video Corner. Alan Jefferson on...
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Wagner on the Web: Opera Recordings
What's New ? Upcoming Performances Performance Reviews Links to Other Sites Book Reviews News Group Archives. SELECTED CDs & CD REVIEWS. Der Ring des...
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No Title
Complete Stereo Sets. Budget Price. There are a number of sets available in the budget price range, although the nature of the Web scarcely makes it...
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The Seattle Times, Today's Top Stories: New discs make it easier to enjoy clas
Search | Top Stories Index | Top Stories Home Page | Copyright © 1996 The Seattle Times Company. Dec. 16, 1996. New discs make it easier to enjoy...
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WPR's Classical Music Schedule for July 1996
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New Releases for October
GZ CLASSICS (CZECH REPUBLIC) FRANZ SCHMIDT - SYMPHONIES 1-4. We are pleased to announce the return to the catalog of thecritically acclaimed set of...
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Yahoo! UK & Ireland - Entertainment:Music:Genres:Classical
Top:Entertainment:Music:Genres:Classical. Options. Search:  All sites  UK & Ireland sites only  This category only  Ireland Only...
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Drama Newsletter - Recent Studies
C D E German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English. RECENT STUDIES IN CONTEMPORARY DRAMA IN ENGLISH. The following survey, covering the...
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Net Notes: Classical Music on the Web
Net Notes: Classical Music on the Web. Seth Williamson, classical music host. To say that the World Wide Web has a staggering amount of information on...
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Dennis on Kater, "Carl Orff im Dritten Reich"
Michael H. Kater, "Carl Orff im Dritten Reich," Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte 43, 1 (January 1995): 1-35. Reviewed by David B. Dennis. (originally..
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Der Freischütz - Discography
Der Freischütz - Discography. Catalogue numbers for LP format unless specified as CD Records are ordered following the publishing date (only the 1972.
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Features - The Maestro Continues to Cultivate New Audiences
Friday September 12, 1997 Edition. Music. The Maestro Continues to Cultivate New Audiences. Frank Scheck, Special to The Christian Science Monitor. NEW...
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Document Archives. In this page, many documents related to Carl Schuricht are collected. If you find any other new documents, please send it to the...
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Regions:California:Entertainment and Arts:Organizations
Top:Regions:California:Entertainment and Arts:Organizations. Options. Search all of Yahoo! San Francisco. Search only in Organizations. Queer Arts...
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ICRC Summer 1995 reviews
Home | A-Z index | Order forms | Feedback | Bookshelf | Links. International Classical Record Collector Summer 1995. Review titles. Book review. Fritz...
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Episode with Wilhelm Furtwängler. In the introduction of the discography compiled by John Hunt (1993), you will find the following episode. Eminent...
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Lexington Herald-Leader -- September 21, 1997
KentuckyConnect. KYHoops. Herald-Leader. KentuckyLinks. Stage. Huge season has it all, from 'Big' to 'Tall Women' By Kevin Nance Herald-Leader Arts Writer.
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General Music
General Music. Antonio Vivaldi: The Red Priest of Venice by Karl Heller. The Bartók Companion edited by Malcolm Gilles. BBC Music Magazine Top 1000.
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Beethoven's Symphony No.3
Symphony No.3, Eroica. "The symphony would be all the better - it lasts a whole hour - if Beethoven could reconcile himself to making some cuts in it.
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Gramophone December New releases
Home | A-Z index | Order forms | Feedback | Bookshelf | Links. December New releases. The main listing below carries details of new Compact Disc and...
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Browse Laser Library
Ap . . . Apache 1954. 4 190 Fred F. Sears ernest laszlo 2.35 L D Western Action MLT105207 59.99 MGM Western 3 Burt Lancaster Jean Peters John McIntire...
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João Carlos Martins Discography
João Carlos Martins Introduction • Biography • Discography • Interview • Video Clips. Bach for Christmas....
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Yahoo! Canada - Entertainment:Music:Genres:Classical
Top:Entertainment:Music:Genres:Classical. Options. Search:  All sites  Canadian sites only  This category only  Canada Only. Indices...
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WAGNER: Buy music online from CHEAP-CDs at Cost.
Over 92% New CDs under $12. Look, listen & buy online at wholesale Cost. Low S&H. Checkin - Best Picks - Browse - Help/Info - Checkout. Find CD's by...
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Mixed Up Class Playlist, 5/5/1997
Mixed Up Class Playlist, May 5, 1997. Fanfare I (CD: Praise the Lord) (Gerre Hancock, organ) Leo Sowerby: Poem (CD: Violin and Organ: (Robert Murray,...
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INKPOT CLASSICAL MUSIC FEATURES: How to walk into a CD store and not come out
HOW TO WALK INTO A CLASSICAL MUSIC STORE AND NOT COME OUT TOTALLY CONFUSED. Isaak Koh. Have you ever walked into a classical music store or the classical..
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Bruckner Symphony Discography V3.12.17
Bruckner Symphony Discography. Revision 3.12.17. Compiled by Lani Spahr. HTML version by Deryk Barker. Last modification 27 September 1996. Symphony No....
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Don Giovanni - Great Interpreters
Great Interpreters. The best Don Giovanni editions in the music history: 1959 Giulini - Philharmonia Orchestra - Wächter, Sutherland, Alva, Frick,...
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INKPOT#30 CLASSICAL MUSIC REVIEWS: Beethoven - Complete Symphonies/Wand (RCA S
LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) The Nine Symphonies. North German Radio (NDR) Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gunter Wand. RCA Symphony Edition (BMG...
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Academy of St Martin in the Fields: Directors, Chorus, Yearbook
The Academy has three directors: Sir Neville Marriner, Iona Brown, Kenneth Sillito: Sir Neville Marriner studied the violin at the Royal College of Music..
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ICRC Summer 1996 reviewsICRC Summer 1996 reviews
Home | A-Z index | Order forms | Feedback | Bookshelf | Links. International Classical Record Collector Summer 1996. Review titles. Book review....
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Fi-DG: Introduction
The Originals" Introduction • Audio Excerpts • Subscribe to Fi • Sampler CD. Listen to audio clips from the acclaimed...
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No Title
Bryan Gilliam, ed. Music and Performance during the Weimar Republic. [Cambridge Studies in Performance Practice, No. 3]. Cambridge: Cambridge University...
http://h-net2.msu.edu/~german/books/reviews/murphy1.html - size 4K - 2-Apr-98 - Translate

The Anton Bruckner Home Page
The Anton Bruckner Home Page. 1824-96. This page is only just beginning construction. For some reason Anton Bruckner still appears to be a controversial...
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Links to Richard Wagner Sites
Links to Information on the life, works, and music of German composer Richard Wagner, including selected lists and reviews of currently-available books
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Gramophone November Recording of the month
Home | A-Z index | Order forms | Feedback | Bookshelf | Links. November Editor's choice Recording of the month. Brahms Symphonies ­ No. 1 in C minor,..
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Violin/Viola. Item Number. Label. Prefix. Number. Description. Jacket Grade. Disc Grade. Price. 48617. PHILIPS. 6700100. ACCARDO, SALVATORE; VIVALDI 12...
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Page 132
Sound Shoppe On-Line Catalog. Thank-you for browsing our comprehensive On-Line music catalog! If you would like to place an order, send us an E-Mail or...
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Musical Organizations and Professional Societies
William and Gayle Cook Music Library Indiana University School of Music Worldwide Internet Music Resources. Musical Organizations and Professional...
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Gramophone October New releases
Home | A-Z index | Order forms | Feedback | Bookshelf | Links. October New releases. The main listing below carries details of new Compact Disc and...
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The London International Film School - News.
Non-Profitmaking registered charity offering two-year full-time diploma course in the art and technique of film making. Located in central London UK
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Beethoven's Symphony No.9
Symphony No.9, Choral. "Grand Symphony with Solo and Chorus voices entering in the Finale on Schiller's Ode to Joy." Description of the symphony.
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The Saturday Review 24 November, 1956. by Irving Kolodin Thanks to Dr. Gaël Rouillé "IT IS NOT often that a worldfamous orchestra comes to New.
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