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Mixed Up Class Playlist, 5/5/1997
Mixed Up Class Playlist, May 5, 1997. Fanfare I (CD: Praise the Lord) (Gerre Hancock, organ) Leo Sowerby: Poem (CD: Violin and Organ: (Robert Murray,...
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Don Giovanni - Discography and Top Recordings
Discography and Top Recordings. by Pierre Guillemette. Recordings are listed in chronological order. For each recording, you will find in that order: date.
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File bach-list/bach-list/bach-list.log9607
File bach-list/bach-list/bach-list.log9607. Article from 'archives of bach-list@listserv.uh.edu June 1996 up to now.'...
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INKPOT CLASSICAL MUSIC FEATURES: How to walk into a CD store and not come out
HOW TO WALK INTO A CLASSICAL MUSIC STORE AND NOT COME OUT TOTALLY CONFUSED. Isaak Koh. Have you ever walked into a classical music store or the classical..
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Music And Arts Online
1.20.98. An Independent Classical and Jazz Label. Classical - Jazz - Import Online CD Catalogs. Welcome to the Music and Arts Programs of America online...
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The Art of Conducting
Album Title: The History of Conducting in the 20th Century. Artist: label: EMI (7 CDs, boxed) List Price:$ 70.00. Sale Price:$ 60.00. Media: CD. run...
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Beethoven's Symphony No.3
Symphony No.3, Eroica. "The symphony would be all the better - it lasts a whole hour - if Beethoven could reconcile himself to making some cuts in it.
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The Association! File area: Sounds_of_Music
ChatRoom] [Christian Files] [CyberChurch] [DragonRaid] [Life Center] [Mac Files] [Mailing Lists] [Stewart Clan] File Area: Sounds_of_Music. If you want to.
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The Devil's Music Master : The Controversial Life and Career of Wilhelm Furtwa
Text-Only. The Devil's Music Master : The Controversial Life and Career of Wilhelm Furtwangler by Sam H. Shirakawa. List: $35.00 Our Price: $24.50 You...
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OperaWeb Singers - Gobbi - Discography
Gobbi Discography on CD. by Pierre Guillemette. For each recording, you will find in that order: Name of the Opera, Gobbi Role, Label and Number,...
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Prominent Personalities & Musicians Choose Bluthner
Many of the 150,000 instruments made up to the present have been purchased by prominent personalities or institutions. The very special singing quality
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Album Title: Schubert: Symphony No. 9/Haydn: Symphony No. 88. Artist: Berlin Philharmonic. Wilhelm Furtwangler, conductor. label: Deutsche Gammophon (CD)..
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Kaneko Personal Home Page
Personal Home Page. Japanese version is here. Top page is here. Welcome ! But... Introduction of my research work is now in preparation. Please wait....
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WWW VL Classical Music: Artists, from soloists to orchestras
Artists, from soloists to orchestras. If you know of a WWW page for a particular soloist, ensemble or orchestra which is not listed here, please use the...
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Players index F
front page | index | sub index |A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|i|J|K|L|M|N|O|P|Q|R|S|T|U|V|W|Y|Z| Players. FALLIEN, Nicole *^soprano. CD=137 FARRELL, Julian *^bassett...
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KBYU-FM Schedule- April 20-26
KBYU-FM Schedule for April 20-26, 1997. 20 Sunday. 8:06AM Music for a Sunday Morning Two hours of sacred choral music from throughout the centuries....
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The Association! File area: Miscellaneous
ChatRoom] [Christian Files] [CyberChurch] [DragonRaid] [Life Center] [Mac Files] [Mailing Lists] [Stewart Clan] File Area: Miscellaneous. Man is...
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Home- Music
nbsp; CLASSICAL MUSIC.   "Private Ear" - Music Critic Steven Infantino. "Desert Island"- A look at definitive recordings.  ..
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Musical Organizations and Professional Societies
William and Gayle Cook Music Library Indiana University School of Music Worldwide Internet Music Resources. Musical Organizations and Professional...
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Welcome to Tatsuhiro Miyake's page. Name: Tatsuhiro Miyake. Associated department: Engineering department. Title: Engineering manager. Responsible for:...
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DHM, Picture archive, photographers, Litzmann
Picture archive DHM. Archive of photographers. Ursula Litzmann. Attention: All pictures are protected by the copyright of the DHM. (37 Kbytes) (46 Kbytes).
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AOL NetFind: Reviews: Orchestras & Bands
NetFind NetFind Tips Time Savers Find a Person Find a Business Newsgroup Finder Newsgroup Scoop NetFind Kids Only. to AOL.com. Only On AOL. Ready for a...
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KBYU-FM Schedule- February 18-24
KBYU-FM Schedule for February 18-24, 1996. 18 Sunday. 10:00am St. Paul Sunday Awadagin Pratt, p - Bach/Busoni Chorale Preludes: Wachet Auf, Ruft uns die...
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Varsity Online -- Music
Varsity Online. Wednesday, January 28, 1998. by Eoin Gillen. Good professional music so rarely comes to Cambridge. For this reason I was particularly...
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DIGITAL CAMPUS - Pub - Music Reviews
Music Reviews    Internet Music Review Service, The. Microsoft Music Central Reviews. Al's Review Archive. Alternative Rock World Reviews...
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Beethoven's Symphony No.4
Symphony No.4. "A slender Greek maiden between two Norse giants." Robert Schumann. "Such a height of passion as even Beethoven's fiery...
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CD-order Flagstad Museum
KIRSTEN FLAGSTADMUSEET.   CD's for sale at the Kirsten Flagstad Museum Das CD-Angebot. Order Nr. Title. Year of recording. Price Europe. Countries...
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DDM Twentieth Century
DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS IN MUSICOLOGY-ONLINE. School of Music Indiana University Bloomington, IN 47405. TWENTIETH CENTURY. (An asterisk following the DDM...
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NL-menu: T
Last updated    29 01 1998  Choose a letter above to switch to another overview. T & R Automatisering / Leeuwarden. t' Nescafe /..
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PPL's Peoria Symphony Orchestra Centennial Bibliography
The Peoria Symphony Orchestra has reached its centennial anniversary season, an achievement that only 14 other orchestras in the country have realized....
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Norbert Moret. * 20.11.1921. Norbert Moret was born in Menières (Haute-Broye fribourgeoise) to a farming family. He received his education at the...
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Unitel Catalog / Herbert Graf
Herbert Graf. Mozart, Don Giovanni (Furtwängler) Catalog & Artist Bios | Highlights | Classical Travel | Other Websites | Kirch Group. Website ©.
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KBYU-FM Schedule- July 20-26
KBYU-FM Schedule for July 20-26, 1997. 20 Sunday. 8:06AM Music for a Sunday Morning 10:00AM St. Paul Sunday 11:30AM Music & The Spoken Word 12:00PM...
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The Conductor: Daniel Barenboim
Published Summer 1996. Living in the Music. Daniel Barenboim, Conductor and Pianist Extraordinaire, Has Two Passions in Life: His Music and His Cigars. by.
http://www.cigaraficionado.com/Cigar/Aficionado/Archives/199606/fj696.html - size 27K - 29-Jan-98 - Translate

Unitel Catalog / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Jan. 27, 1756 - Dec. 5, 1791. 6 German Dances, K. 509. 6 Variations on Hélas j'ai perdu mon amant, K. 360. 6 Variations on...
http://www.unitel.classicalmusic.com/ucatalog/composer/mozart.htm - size 9K - 29-Jan-98 - Translate

Introduction to the Music of Gustav Mahler on Record
Preface to the Third Edition. When I first made this document available via the Internet I could hardly have been prepared for the response - or the...
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Christian's personal page
Are there other things in life than physics? - YES: My main interests are. Scotch Whisky. Classical records (the large black ones) Hifi-technology. Great..
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ASI Satellite Collections S
ASI Satellite Collections S. Salm, Peter [S1] Collection, 1946: 1 folder (1 leaf) Peter Salm--at the end of World War II, Salm was in the Counter...
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Beethoven Symphony No. 7
I love these recordings (my favorites). 1979 Stereo. Leonard Bernstein Wiener Philharmoniker. 1983 Digital. Herbert von Karajan Berliner Philharmoniker. I.
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Schubert Symphony No. 9 "The Great"
I love this recording (my favorite). 1987 Digital. Claudio Abbado The Chamber Orchestra of Europe. I admire this historic recording. 1953 Mono. Wilhelm...
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