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Fi-DG: Introduction
The Originals" Introduction • Audio Excerpts • Subscribe to Fi • Sampler CD. Listen to audio clips from the acclaimed...
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Trial of strength (in MARION)
Trial of strength. Author: Prieberg, Fred K. Uniform title: Kraftprobe. English. Title: Trial of strength : Wilhelm Furtwängler in the Third Reich / Fred..
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Erich & Carlos Kleiber page links
Home. Japanese Home. Erich Kleiber. Carlos Kleiber. Guest Book. Message Board. Links. About. What's New. Erich & Carlos Kleiber page links. Last...
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WFSA Newsletter
Newsletter. Volume 7, Number 3, shown here, is the most recent issue. The next issue will soon be ready for mailing. The latest newsletter contains the...
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Celebrity Artist Chats
Our live chat interview in AOL Live's Globe Auditorium, on Sunday, October 5th at 9:00 PM (ET), was with Isaac Stern, one of the world's most acclaimed...
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No Title
Abstracts from files in info-mac/data as of Sun 21 Dec 1997 #### BINHEX 4-fm-pro-models.hqx **** From: alain.a.g@sympatico.ca Subject: 4FMPro models...
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Beethoven's Symphony No.2
Symphony No.2. "In this symphony, everything is noble, energetic, proud." Hector Berlioz. The 2nd symphony was completed in the summer of 1802...
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João Carlos Martins Discography
João Carlos Martins Introduction • Biography • Discography • Interview • Video Clips. Bach for Christmas....
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WAGNER: Buy music online from CHEAP-CDs at Cost.
Over 92% New CDs under $12. Look, listen & buy online at wholesale Cost. Low S&H. Checkin - Best Picks - Browse - Help/Info - Checkout. Find CD's by...
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Koch International Classics
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João Carlos Martins Discography
João Carlos Martins Discography on Classical Insites - Your online guide to the world of classical music
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Brahms The Four Symphonies. Academic Festival Overture; Haydn Variations; Symphony No. 1, Andante sostenuto (first performing version, ed. Robert Pascall).
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Chapter 20 Re-Inventing Wheels: Joshua Rifkin on Interpretation and Rhetoric. Copyright © 1997 by Oxford University Press, Inc. Used by permission of.
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New Releases for October
GZ CLASSICS (CZECH REPUBLIC) FRANZ SCHMIDT - SYMPHONIES 1-4. We are pleased to announce the return to the catalog of thecritically acclaimed set of...
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Atlantic Classical
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The CD Shelf
September 19, 1997. Paul Paray -- Conductor and Composer. Paul Paray: Joan of Arc Mass; Symphony No. 1 Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Chorus Lorna..
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Yahoo! - Entertainment and Arts:Organizations
Top:Entertainment and Arts:Organizations. Options. Search all of Yahoo! San Francisco. Search only in Organizations. Literature@ Music@ Queer Arts...
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Calendar of Significant Events in German HistoryJanuary
nbsp; Calendar of Significant Events in German History January. © 1997 by Paul A. Schons. Return to index. January 1, 329 Kontantinus (Konstantin's Sohn)..
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Trio 2 Vln & Vcl (2)/Ser 2 Vl
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EMI Classics
body { color: #000000 } .box {color: #0000ff} a {color: #0000ff} .box {color: #ff0000} .t {color: #ffffff} .l {color: #00ff00} .g {color: #66ff00} Power...
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FanFaire 1997. It is almost as daunting a task technically and artistically to produce a studio recording as it is to stage a complete production of the...
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Me and the Night and the Music
An O.J. Trial Soundtrack. By Richard Meltzer. Arthur Honegger, Rugby , Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Charles Dutoit, Erato 2292-4542-2...
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Opera. WAGNER. Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. The Mastersingers of Nuremberg. Composed 1861­67. First performed June 21, 1868. Libretto by the..
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Weekly News
Classical Music News. Berlin Philharmonic Dazzles In Carnegie Hall Opener. Many consider the Berlin Philharmonic the best virtuoso orchestra in the world..
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Wagner on the Web: Opera Recordings
What's New ? Upcoming Performances Performance Reviews Links to Other Sites News Group Archives. SELECTED CDs & CD REVIEWS. Der Ring des Nibelungen Other..
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Treffliste for søk : 780.4/kl
Treffliste for søk : 780.4/kl. Samtlige viste titler. 1. :Conductors on conducting. 1979. 2. :En levende tradisjon : jubileumsskrift til...
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No Title
Abbado,,Debussy: 3 nocturnes/Ravel: Daphnis & Pavane,DG2530038,NM-/MINT-,$8.00, Abbado,,Scriabin: Poem of ecstasy/Tchaik: Romeo & Juliet,DG...
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Used and Cut-out CDs
Welcome to the Bookstream Music Source for Used and Cut-out CDS. Here is the list; if you are interested, please use the email link at the bottom of the...
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BBC World Service - Classical Music
Americas | Europe & FSU | Africa & ME | S Asia | SE Asia. World News. Whats New. Tuning In. Audio. NEWS. BUSINESS. SPORT. EDUCATION. SCIENCE. THE..
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Calendar of Significant Events in German HistoryJanuary
nbsp; Calendar of Significant Events in German History January. © 1997 by Paul A. Schons. Return to index. January 1, 329 Kontantinus (Konstantin's Son)...
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