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Bert Wechsler's Past CD Reviews
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Historical Selections from Serenade Music
Serenade News - Current Issue - Fall 1997 - Volume 11. Historical Selections from Serenade Music. HS-1: BEETHOVEN: Violin Concerto & Romances; Y. Menuhin;.
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JEM New Selections from Serenade Music
Serenade News - Current Issue - Fall 1997 - Volume 11. JEM New Selections from Serenade Music. J-1: BRUCKNER: Sym. No. 5; Jocum; Concertgebouw 1986 live;..
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next. contents. XI. A baby covered in Funnel-Web spiders, a baby run over by a lawn mower, a baby that was hit by a snow thrower, a baby that's been...
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Video and Laser Disk Selections from Serenade Music
Serenade News - Current Issue - Fall 1997 - Volume 11. Video and Laser Disk Selections from Serenade Music. VID-1: HUNGARIAN CONNECTIONS: Sir Georg Solti;.
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New web address
October 14, 1997) The Wilhelm Furtwängler Society of America website has moved. Please note the new web address: www.wfsa.org.
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Works by Anton Bruckner
Anton Bruckner (1824-1896) Compositions. Recordings. Bibliography. Links. Recent Additions. For regular visitors, here is what's new: PolyGram has...
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Dewayne E. Perry -- Classical Music -- Penguin Guide Rosettes - by composer
Penguin Guide Rosette CDs --- Sorted by Composer. Complete from 1989. Adams. Shaker loops [also Glass, Reich and Heath] -- LCO, Warren-Green. Virgin VC7...
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Classical Music FAQ
Frenquently Asked Questions for. rec.music.classical. Edited and compiled by Gabe Wiener (gabe@panix.com) Last modified: November 1, 1994 Converted to...
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Works by Johannes Brahms
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Cross-Reference of Works by Opus Number. Selected recordings. Index. [ Concertos | Fantasias | Intermezzi | Quartets |...
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No Title
Here are my favorite pieces (and performances, where noted) BACH, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) ORCHESTRAL * Brandenburg Concerto #5 by Trevor Pinnock SOLO.
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WFSA President's Commentary -- Autumn 1996
President's Commentary Autumn 1996. This last April, I spent a glorious 16 days in the world's musical capitol, Vienna. My primary motus operandi was to...
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Bert Wechsler's Music Book Roundup
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The New Criterion | Index | Volume 7
Index. The New Criterion. Volume 7. September 1988 – June 1989. Abowitz, Richard. Revolution by search committee, on June Jordan’s appointment...
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WFSA Review -- MOZART: The Marriage of Figaro
Review from Volume 7, Number 1 & 2. CLASSICAL HALL OF FAME MOZART: The Marriage of Figaro, K. 492. Wilhelm Furtwängler, conducting; Elisabeth...
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Dutton CDs Page 4
Sir Thomas Beecham . Berlin Philharmonic . MOZART Magic Flute . Tiana Lemnitz. Helge Roswaenge . Gerhard Hüsch . Erna Berger . ...
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Funhouse Contact Listing, A to H
Funhouse Contact Listing. A to H / I to R / S to Z. Updated 08-30-97. Welcome to Funhouse, a contact list of non-mainstream music, video, books and...
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WFSA President's Commentary -- Winter 1996/97
President's Commentary Winter 1996/97. As much as we try very hard to adhere to our schedule of four Newsletters and a Christmas card annually, our fate...
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WFSA President's Commentary -- Spring 1996
President's Commentary Spring 1996. The resurgence of the W.F.S.A. over the course of the past twelve months is important and vital. The relationship...
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CALLAS IN HER OWN WORDS. Narrated documentary written by John Ardoin, author of The Callas Legacy and The Furtwängler Sound. Comprehensive discussion.
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UCLA Music Library: Special Collections: Archival Collections
UCLA Music Library Special Collections. Archival Collections. Music Library Archival Collections include: Archive of Popular American Music. Film and...
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WF Retrospective
Furtwängler Retrospective from Volume 7, Number 1 & 2 (News & Events) On January 12, 1997, WFSA Associate editor Mark Kluge and Chicago...
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WFSA Review -- BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 5 in B-Flat
Review from Volume 6, Number 1. BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 5 in B-Flat. Wilhelm Furtwängler, conducting; Vienna Philharmonic. EMI 5 65750 2. This is part.
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NVI Classical Records 78 rpm Classical Listings
NVI Classical Records 78rpm sale featuring historical performers such as Szigeti, Furtwangler,Menuhin, Elman, Milstein, Koussevitzky, Foldes.
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Andrew Cooper - household CDs
List of CDs. COMPOSER WORK CONDUCTOR/ NO OF ARTIST CDs AUBER Le Domino Noir Bonynge 2 BACH Goldberg Variations Gould 1 BACH Christmas Oratorio Gardiner 2..
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Opera & Vocal CD review - 25 November 1997
Daugherty: Jackie O This manifestation of pop culture, with a libretto by Wayne Koestenbaum, responsible for the self-indulgent treatise The Queen's...
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02 Music CD Listing
0) {ntemp = mtemp.indexOf("#",1) mtemp = mtemp.substring(0, ntemp) while (mtitle.indexOf(":") > 0) {ntemp = mtitle.indexOf(":",1) mtitle =...
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State Choir "Latvija" homepage
STATE CHOIR "LATVIJA" Chief conductor Maris Sirmais, General manager Maris Oslejs. Choir after performance in St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall...
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classical music cd reviews : 7 July 1997
Sibelius: Paavo Järvi For some conductors, Sibelius' vast and seemingly uncharted soundscapes can be difficult to navigate. Add to that a non-Finnish.
http://www.culturekiosque.com/klassik/cdreview/rherevw.htm - size 22K - 19-Nov-97 - Translate

State Choir "Latvija" Repertoire
STATE CHOIR "LATVIJA" REPERTOIRE Chief conductor Maris Sirmais, General manager Maris Oslejs. Choir after performance in St. Petersburg'...
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The Hector Berlioz Page
HECTOR BERLIOZ. b. La Côte-St.-André, 11 December 1803 d. Paris, 8 March 1869. Scan of the 1867 Gustave Courbet portrait of Berlioz supplied..
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The Wagner Society of the United Kingdom - Artists
The Wagner Wagner Society of the United Kingdom. Artists. Wilhelm Furtwängler FAQ. ARS Flagstad Collection - Sound archive. Dame Gwyneth Jones fan page - Unofficial....
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Grand Piano, NI 8806, Brahms - Booklet Note
Brahms. Harold Bauer, Wilhelm Backhaus, Edwin Fischer, Carl Friedberg, Myra Hess, Artur Rubinstein. by David Dubal. Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), the great.
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Andrew Cooper: List of opera recordings
List of opera recordings. COMPOSER WORK CONDUCTOR FORMAT ADLER/ROSS Pajama Game Hastings CD AUBER Le Domino Noir Bonynge CD BARTOK Bluebeard's Castle...
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Taking Sides
by Ronald Harwood. An artist trying to free a country's poisoned soul? Or a Nazi pawn? That's the question this gripping drama about German conductor...
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Julius Rudel
Julius Rudel. Julius Rudel, combines the traditions of Europe with the brilliance of the New World. Like many great conductors before him, his early years.
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Date: 01.12.97. División: EMI. Artísta: QUEEN. Subdivisión:   Título: NO ONE BUT YOU. Ref. Anterior:  ...
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TOP-LINK | UP-LINK | SEARCH-LINK | INDEX | HELP | CONDUCTORS. Bachmann, Robert. Breckling, Anne. Concertatore. Furtwängler, Wilhelm. Hesse, Ewald. Hsu,...
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Classical Net - New CDs Nov 97
New CDs Dec 97. Nov 97 Oct 97. Back to new CDs menu (full list of months) New CDs - Nov 97. Go to: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. A..
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Classical Net: Conducting Mozart
MOZART FEATURES INDEX. € Child genius € Mozart's father € The operas € German or Italian? € The piano concertos € Five...
http://www.futurenet.com/classicalnet/composers/features/mozart/mozartr.html - size 13K - 13-Nov-97 - Translate

Richard Strauss: Four Last Songs
Richard Strauss: Four Last Songs. Discography compiled and maintained by Ron Burnett Last updated 25 Oct. 1997. Strauss Opera Discography.   Opera-L..
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INNOPAC Financial Reports
Fund Activity Reports. Fund Activity Reports are grouped alphabetically according to Selectors name. To find a specific SELECTOR NAME: -Click on the FIND..
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Marco Polo Order Form Page 2
Select another Category. MARCO POLO. Page 1. Click on the Spinning CD when you are ready to order. MARCO POLO - The Label of Discovery - from Addinsell to.
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News Weather Search Art Music Literature Science Fun Space History. The BIG EYE - PAGE #7. WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART. Music from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik....
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Artist-specific Internet Sites - F
William and Gayle Cook Music Library Indiana University School of Music Worldwide Internet Music Resources. Artist-Specific Sites - F. A B C D E F G H I J.
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Carl Schuricht HomePage
New Carl Schuricht HomePage. Last update : 28 November. You are the. th visitor since 12 March, 1997. Carl Schuricht (1880-1967) Tell me your favorite...
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Classical Net: Schubert Symphonies
INDEX. Biography € 1797-1810 € 1810-1815 € 1815-1819 € 1819-1821 € 1821-1824 € 1824-1828. Music € Symphonies €...
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Dr. Prestamo's Music Links
Dr. Prestamo's Music Links. Please understand that this page and the material which you may access through it is still under development. If you find it...
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Leonie Rysanek
Leonie Rysanek. Leonie Rysanek is one of the great sopranos in opera. She possesses a thrilling voice - a rich, beautiful silver tone and a brilliant top..
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Classical Net: Georg Solti
128; Interview (1997) € Megalomaniac? € Facts at a glance. Artists main menu. For Sir Georg Solti 1997 marked the 50th anniversary of his...
http://www.futurenet.com/classicalnet/artists/solti/interview97.html - size 9K - 13-Oct-97 - Translate

Programm Furtwängler-Tage in Jena/Germany
Furtwaenglertage in Jena .
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Classical Net: Johannes Brahms
INDEX. Life € A serious youth € Hello Mr Schumann € Did he love Clara? € Wandering 1856-62 € Ah, Vienna € More women €..
http://www.futurenet.com/classicalnet/composers/features/brahms/brahmsa.html - size 4K - 13-Nov-97 - Translate

http://www.danbbs.dk/~keibic/catalog/CONDUCTERS.html - size 93K - 5-Nov-97 - Translate

Gramophone Classical Good CD Guide 1997 reviews
Home | A-Z index | Order forms | Feedback | Bookshelf. The Gramophone Classical Good CD Guide 1997. Extracts from selected reviews. Bach Mass in B minor,..
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Le Nozze di Figaro (Mozart) Legendary 1953 Salzburg Festival performance, sung in German. All-star cast, including Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Irmgard...
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UCLA Music Library: Simon Collection
UCLA Music Library Special Collections. Collection 128. Eric Simon Collection. This page is under construction. Please visit again. From. To. Date....
http://wwwstage.library.ucla.edu/libraries/music/mlsc/archcoll/simon/ - size 12K - 11-Nov-97 - Translate

The Damnation of Faust (Berlioz) Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Hans Hotter, Frans Vroons, Alois Pernersdorfer. Wilhelm Furtwangler conducts. Lucern Kunsthaus,...
http://www.vaimusic.com/ekr/ekr60.htm - size 795 bytes - 10-Nov-97 - Translate

The Wilhelm Furtwangler Society of America.
http://www.wfsa.org/ - size 3K - 15-Oct-97 - Translate

Jazz Scene
Jazz Scene. I have been a fun of classical music for a long time. I still remember the moment I was struck by dignity of Beethoven's Symphony No.7 and...
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No Title
epulse 3.41 [haberdashery]   T H E  W E E K L Y  E Z I N E  F O R  M U S I C A L  O M N I V O..
http://www.towerrecords.com/epulse/97/oct/10_17_97.html - size 31K - 6-Nov-97 - Translate

Die Gotterdammerung (Wagner) Kirsten Flagstad, Lauritz Melchior, Herbert Janssen, Ludwig Weber, Kerstin Thorberg. Wilhelm Furtwangler conducts, Covent...
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Other Links
Conductor] [Panist] [Violinist] [Soloist] [Singer] [Orchestra] [Esemble] [Labels] [Concert Hall] [Festival] [Composer] [Others] Conductor. Ataulfo Argenta.
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Private Library - Music
Music. CLASSICA. Abbado, Claudio [classicalmus.com] Abbado, Claudio [sony.com] Altramar - medieval music ensemble. Of interest to fans of early, folk,...
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Classical Music
Classical Music CD List. Here is a list of classical music CDs I have. (I compiled this list mainly for my record, because it once happened to me that I...
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Hollander Books, Catalogue 5, Part 1 Judaica: Books and Ephemera
Henry Hollander, Bookseller Catalogue No. 5 - Part 1 Judaica: Books and Ephemera. [Go To Part 2] [Ordering Information] [Glossary] [Place an Order]...
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Chicago Symphony Orchestra / Biographies / Daniel Barenboim
Chicago Symphony Orchestra's official web site: Daniel Barenboim, music director; Concert schedules and ticket information, CSO Presents, Civic Orchestra
http://www.chicagosymphony.org/bios/barenboim.htm - size 7K - 10-Nov-97 - Translate

Marco Polo Order Form Page 1
Select another Category. MARCO POLO. Page 1. Click on the Spinning CD when you are ready to order. MARCO POLO - The Label of Discovery - from Addinsell to.
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Mercury Living Presence - Bartók, Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Kreisler, etc.
Mercury Living Presence. Five Reissues. Bela Bartók. Concerto No. 2 for Violin and Orchestra (1) Second Suite for Orchestra. Yehudi Menuhin, violin (1)...
http://www.classical.net/~music/recs/reviews/m/mrc34351a.html - size 7K - 10-Nov-97 - Translate

Welcome to Polyphony's Internet Catalog!
Welcome to Polyphony's Internet Catalog!...
http://www.lucidum.com/polyphony/catalog/intro_1.htm - size 72K - 19-Nov-97 - Translate

The Dark Side of the Net
The Dark side of the Net, a collection of hundreds of LPs and CDs
http://www.tnt-audio.com/music.html - size 26K - 7-Oct-97 - Translate

OUP USA: Interpreting Bach at the Keyboard
OUP Book Interpreting Bach at the Keyboard by Badura-Skoda, Paul
http://www.oup-usa.org/docs/0198165765.html - size 4K - 21-Oct-97 - Translate

Papers of William Arundel Orchard - MS 5782
National Library of Australia. MS 5782 Papers of Dr. William Arundel Orchard (1867-1961) Scope and Content Note. Biographical Note. Series List....
http://www.nla.gov.au/1/ms/find_aids/5782.html - size 155K - 11-Nov-97 - Translate

next. contents. XVII. A group of black children on T.V. singing God Bless America, a justification of my seemingly haphazard procedure, a sound-based...
http://wings.buffalo.edu/epc/authors/goldsmith/111/0001-0100/17.html - size 19K - 2-Oct-97 - Translate

Academy of St Martin in the Fields: Directors, Chorus, Yearbook
3) ver = "n4"; else if (bName == "Netscape" && bVer == 3) ver = "n3"; else if (bName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer" && bVer >= 2) ver = "e3"; //-->...
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Part of Friedrich T. Sommer's homepage
Universität Ulm, Fakultät Informatik, Abteilungsübersicht, Neuroinformatik, Mitarbeiter. Department of Neural Information Processing -...
http://www.informatik.uni-ulm.de/ni/mitarbeiter/FSommer/otherinterests.html - size 15K - 25-Oct-97 - Translate

Dance and Theater - October 1996
OCTOBER 1996 BY AUSTIN BAER AND NANCY DALVA. TRIUMPHANT RETURNS. A few hits, and the proverbial Fabulous Invalid that is Broadway stages an astonishing...
http://www.theatlantic.com/atlantic/ae/96oct/96octdt.htm - size 7K - 22-Oct-97 - Translate

Arias Home Page
To Dizionario Base delle Arie d'Opera Opera Arias Basic Dictionary. 106 composers, 296 operas, 1214 arias. edited by Mario Biondi, writer in Milano....
http://joshua.micronet.it/italian/mariobiondi/arie/diz_arie_.html - size 6K - 27-Nov-97 - Translate

Harold Holt Limited - Daniel Barenboim
Harold Holt Limited. Daniel Barenboim. Piano. DANIEL BARENBOIM is renowned the world over for his extraordinary gifts at the keyboard and on the rostrum...
http://www.holt.co.uk/artists/bare.htm - size 2K - 21-Nov-97 - Translate

http://www.cd-plus.com/cdplus/Crawler.htm - size 87K - 7-Oct-97 - Translate

Recommended classical CDs -- intro
Recommended classical CDs -- intro. jump to... The list of recommended recordings Explanation of the tables bottom of page. The pages which follow list...
http://stat.tamu.edu/~dcljr/clcd0.html - size 10K - 20-Nov-97 - Translate

Teatro Comunale of Florence
Florence and its theatre. The Teatro Comunale of Florence and the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. Music has played a very important part in the artistic life..
http://www.maggiofiorentino.com/etcoisti.htm - size 6K - 17-Oct-97 - Translate

Readers' Letters
Readers from all over the world contribute to Opera magazines' lively and informed debate. Keep in touch by subscribing now. from OPERA September,...
http://www.opera.co.uk/letters.htm - size 10K - 9-Oct-97 - Translate

Play on Maestro David Tidboald
Vuka SA: 'Play on Maestro David Tidboald'
http://www.safest.org.za/vukasa/vol1no4/a6/v1n4a6.htm - size 11K - 10-Oct-97 - Translate