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Improvised Music
Article which discusses the problem of rythm in Siberian Shamanism in connection with the improvised Music
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The Conductors. Individual Web Sites. Sir John Barbirolli - The Barbirolli Society. The Sir Thomas Beecham Society. Gary Bergson. Leonard Bernstein -...
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Videos, Import Laser DEF
nbsp; Dance Matrix '95 LRB-648 84.95. Dance Now LRB-459 64.95. Daphnis & Chloe - Baudo LC-555A 69.95. DAVID LEE ROTH - S/T (J LD video comp)...$50.88..
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Biographies: . (deutscher Text) Abbado, Claudio. Italian conductor, born 26.6.1933 in Milan. He studied orchestral conducting, composition and piano at...
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Reviews and Articles
Steven Mercurio, Conductor and Composer
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LINKS: I. Philippe Leduc, President of the Wilhelm Furtwängler Society of France leduc@citi2.fr. II. Neil Tingley's Music Pages...
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The Advanced Book Exchange Inc.
Welcome to our home page.
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CD Reviews
Mahler's Symphony No. 5 in C-sharp Minor on Compact Disc by Robert T. Davis. Jump to: New Releases & Reissues. Introduction by John DeWitt. One...
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The iMVS Genre Category Catalogue. Uncategorised Section. "B" Section. - (All Music Products Where the Artist Begins with "B"). Click Here for Detailed...
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CD Collection - Classical Music
Classical Music. Author(s) Work(s) Performer(s) Label. Bach, J. S.Werke für Laute, volume 1. Göran Söllscher, guitar. Deutsche. "Werke...
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What to do in and around Rochester, Minnesota. " (Suggestions?  Please send to Debbie.) Theater. Rochester Civic Theatre:  Box Office 220 E....
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The iMVS Genre Category Catalogue. Uncategorised Section. "B" Section. - (All Music Products Where the Artist Begins with "B"). Click Here for Detailed...
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nbsp; HPC. HPC011. Moiseivich: Rachmaninov: Concerto No 2; Rhapsody on theme of Paganini; Preludes etc. Benno Moiseivich, piano; London PO, cond Cameron...
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Stagebill - Classical - Profiles
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Teri Noel Towe's Johann Sebastian Bach Pages: The Original Figured Organ Part
The Curious History of an Exile from the Thomasschule: Some Observations on the Provenance of the Figured Organ Part to Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam,..
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Desert Island Composers T - V
TCHAIKOVSKY, Piotr. Capriccio Italien. Bernstein/NewYorkPhil. Kondrashin/RCAVictorSymOrch. Concerto for Piano No:1. Richter- Karajan/ViennaSymOrch....
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Joachim Altmeyer's Bookmarks
Joachim Altmeyer's Bookmarks. Arts & Enter. Audio/Visual. Cinema. Early Cinema. Muybridge. Deutsche Kinemathek / Das Filmmuseum. Deutsches Filmmuseum...
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online interview Daniel Barenboim
nbsp;online interview with Daniel Barenboim, 30th April 1997. questions and answers:  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Subject: Berliner Philharmoniker.
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Last Update: 28 July 1997 ------------------------- BEETHOVEN,Ludwig von Ah, perfido! -Callas,Maria- Rescigno/ParisConOrch Concerto No:1 [Piano]...
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Live from Lincoln Center: Kurt Masur Biography
Kurt Masur. Kurt Masur is one of the most widely admired and respected musicians of his generation. Since becoming Music Director of the New York...
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TAKING SIDES by Ronald Harwood
Taking Sides. by Ronald Harwood. 4 men, 3 women. "A brave, wise and deeply moving play delineating the confrontation between culture, and power, between...
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The Lauritz Melchior Homepage (Frames)
Great Wagner Rôles. Lauritz Melchior sang. Tristan in"Tristan and Isolde": 223 times, Siegmund in "Die Walküre": 181 times,.
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BACKSTAGE \ Transcript of Kurt Masur Interview
Interview with KURT MASUR. What have you learned in 70 years? QUESTION: I'm hoping we can get at what you've learned in 70 years. This is your birthday --.
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Document Archives. In this page, many documents related to Carl Schuricht are collected. If you find any other new documents, please send it to the...
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U.S. Law: Neither Truth Nor Justice by Lyndon LaRouche
171; text only » To the degree that U.S. Supreme Court's influential Associate Justice Antonin Scalia typifies the problem, there is no spirit of...
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Tahra Classical Recordings
The Tahra Recordings are an historical series of once-unavailable recordings edited by the late conductor Hermann Scherchen's daughter, Dr. Myriam...
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Complete Alphabetical Catalog
Strauss:Collections. "Half-Century of Great Performances". Conductors incl. Walter, Furtwangler, Toscanini, Szell, Koussevitsky, Krauss, Kleiber, Karajan,.
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nbsp; LYS. LYS047. Furtwangler: Brahms Vol 2 / Brahms: Sym No 2; Var. on Theme of Haydn. Vienna PO, cond Furtwangler rec 1943-45. CD. Classical. $16.99....
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The R. Jones Trumpet Page" is part of The Classical Music Web Ring The free linking service hosted by OrchestraNET [ Previous ] [ Random ] [ Next ] [ Next.
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The iMVS Genre Category Catalogue. Uncategorised Section. "F" Section. - (All Music Products Where the Artist Begins with "F"). Click Here for Detailed...
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No Title
Subject: Info-Mac Digest V15 #142 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="Info-Mac-Digest" --Info-Mac-Digest Info-Mac Digest Sun, 13...
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Anders Warne's Official Web Pages
0) { var msieversion = parseInt(ua.substring(msie+5, ua.indexOf(".", msie))); } else { var msieversion = 0; } // THIS PROVIDES THE NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR...
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BMG Music Catalog
Flip to a page in the BMG Catalog: A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Q. R. S. T. U. V. W. X. Y. Z. # or. for CDs not carried by BMG! 1058718.
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Parsifal Discography
Discography of complete recordings of Wagner's Parsifal
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The Whole Idea .... Catalogue
The Whole Idea homepage
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LibInfo Search Statistics: August 1997
LibInfo Search Statistics: August 1997. Table of Contents. General Statistics. Query Summaries. Unique (normalized) queries, sorted by frequency. Unique...
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New Recordings at the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library -- June 1997
New Recordings at the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library -- June 1997. New Recordings, June 1997. 13 years of Moshav. Kochav - colony of Jews in Argentina. New...
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CONCERTO IN FIVE MOVEMENTS. Music: Piano Concerto No. 5 in G (1931-2) by Sergei Prokofiev Choreography by Robert LaFosse Premiere: June 17, 1997, Diamond..
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Toccata Press - "And Do You Also Play The Violin?" by Flesch
AND DO YOU ALSO PLAY THE VIOLIN?" Carl F. Flesch Foreword by Sir Yehudi Menuhin. This is a fascinating kaleidoscope of a book. Carl F. Flesch is the son...
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Two interviews with Swiss critic Henry Jaton
Two interviews with Swiss critic Henry Jaton (1953) Interview I Jaton: Do you think that the technique of today's conductors has evolved since the epoch...
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Andrei Tarkovsky Guestbook page 2
back to the homepage. The is page 2 of the Guestbook for the Andrei Tarkovsky Homepage - hosted at Skywalking.com [go to page 1]   Name: Stan...
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No Title
PRIVATE EAR Private Ear is a member of both the Oxford Musicians Society and Royal Lancaster Guards, and has played violin professionally with the Berlin..
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TACET. TAC25. Tchaikovsky / Jahreszeiten. Evgeni Koroliov, piano. CD. Classical. $15.99. TACET. TAC26. Mendelssohn / Piano Trios. Trio Opus 8. CD....
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Bliss Michelson
Bliss M. Michelson. Bliss will be celebrating his fifth year as Program Host and Production Manager at the Classical Network in March. Bliss received his..
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Pia Fridh - Pi@'s Favorite Music Links
nbsp;   Pi@'s Favourite Music Links. Music is essential to me - like water to the fish! Visit the links to my favourite Stars!!    ...
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Desert Island Composers A - B
BALAKIREV, Mily. Islamey- [Piano] Gavrilov, André. Islamey- [Orchestrated] Svetlanov/USSRSymOrch. Symphony No:1. Karajan/PhilharmoniaOrch. Tamara. von...
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FURTWÄNGLER RECALLED ‹ excerpts from the book compiled by Daniel Gillis ‹ EDWIN FISCHER Memorial Broadcast, RIAS Berlin, December 7, 1954 We honor a..
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British Music Page
MAGAZINE ARCHIVES. ( provided by the BMS) Main page   Composers   Magazine    Discography    Links    Sound...
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EMI Classics
160; COMPACT DISC 6 EMI CLASSICS CENTENARY EDITION VOLUME 6 (1948-1957) [1]  PROKOFIEV: Symphony No. 1 in D, Op. 25 "Classical"-III. Gavotte...
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nbsp      .        . NEWS Updated: September 1997. WFSH is currently contributing to the compilation of a book containing...
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88.7KXMS Music Listings for November 1997
PROGRAMMING & WEB PUBLISHING: AUDIO*FILER 97 ©abbreviations list. Ctrl+F=Find | Ctrl+Home=Top. November 1997. Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat....
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Volume 15 : Issue 142
Info-Mac Digest Sun, 13 Jul 97 Volume 15 : Issue 142. Table of Contents. [*] AkuaSweets 102. [*] APTAS 2.01c. [*] Brix 1.0.2. [*] Burning of Eden, version.
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Complete Alphabetical Catalog
Strauss:Sinfonia Domestica, Op. 53. Furtwangler/BPO +4 Songs with tenor Peter Anders ARA 6082 $15.90 $14.31. Järvi/Scottish Nat'l Orch. +Till; Songs..
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8.223436 FURTWANGLER : Symphony No. 2 in E Minor
8.223436. FURTWANGLER. Symphony No. 2 in E Minor. BBC Symphony Orchestra, London Alfred Walter. Critics Praise. "the poignancy and memorability of certain.
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Orchestra and Chorus of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
Orchestra and Chorus of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. Programme 61° Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. December 9th 1928 marks the foundation of the...
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Basic Repertoire List - Historic Conductors
Orchestral Music - The Great Conductors. The first half of the 20th century was the golden age of symphony conducting. The great Hungarian Artur Nikisch...
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June Classical Pulse! - Béla on Ivory
Anda and Bronfman tackle Bartók's three. ORCHESTRAL Bartok's three Piano Concertos courtesy of Anda and Bronfman; John Williams gets contemporary;..
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8.223333 FURTWANGLER : Piano Concerto
8.223333. FURTWANGLER. Piano Concerto in B Minor. David Lively Czecho-Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra (Kosice) Alfred Walter. Critics Praise. "David...
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Teri Noel Towe's Johann Sebastian Bach Pages: The Original Figured Organ Part
The Curious History of an Exile from the Thomasschule: Some Observations on the Provenance of the Figured Organ Part to Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam,..
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1997 Pulitzer Prizes-CRITICISM, Works
A digital archive of the Pulitzer Prize winners
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No Title
X-Time: Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 16:14:17 -0500 (EST) Reply-To: orchestralist@hubcap.clemson.edu Originator: orchestralist@hubcap.clemson.edu Sender:...
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Ives Records - Aug 97 - Collectors List
Ives Specialist Classical and Jazz Recordings
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Essay #80 for Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar
The Essay. Show #80 Maria Speaks the Truth. David Gunn. In the 92nd minute of his movie, Manhattan, Woody Allen can be heard making a sound not unlike a...
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InnerArt - artbits - performance.space 8/5/97
innerart.bits performance.space. Dance and theatre, between and beyond. Jay Weitz Reviews August 5, 1997. artbits artists index guide innerart sketches...
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Don Barry - Personal Bio
Don Barry. This is a brief personal introduction. An abridged professional curriculum vitae may be found here. Interests. Marxism/Leninism and socialist...
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Avalon Acoustics Review Eclipse TAS 92 Page
A REPRINT FROM JUNE 1992, VOL. 17, ISSUE 80. This review has been reprinted from The Absolute Sound, with not one word censored or deleted. The Absolute...
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nbsp; LYS. LYS165. Reiner Vol 8: Mozart: Sym No 35 & 40: Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe. Pittsburgh SO, cond Fritz Reiner. CD. Classical. $17.99. LYS....
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EMI Classics
160; COMPACT DISC 11 A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY OF EMI CLASSICS Narrated by THOMAS HAMPSON Includes extracts from the following recordings:...
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B I B L I O G R A P H Y. PART I: Books by Furtwängler - Gespräche über Musik: Atlantis Verlag, 1949 - Ton und Wort: Brockhaus Verlag, 1954..
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JOEL GREENBERG. is a native of Montreal who has been living and working in Toronto for the past 25 years as an actor, director, choreographer, playwright..
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Avalon Acoustics Review Eclipse TAS 92 Page
A REPRINT FROM JUNE 1992, VOL. 17, ISSUE 80. This review has been reprinted from The Absolute Sound, with not one word censored or deleted. The Absolute...
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